>We strive to be a part of the solution, not the problem. Even Mother Nature could use a helping hand every once in a while. Purchase-Green is committed to saving the environment one step at a time with our Artificial Grass. Our high quality grasses are made with recycled materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene. Although it doesn’t stop there! Some environment benefits would include:
Purchase-Green’s Artificial Grass eliminates the use of destructive pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides and herbicides that are used on natural grass; these “grass solutions” actually cause more problems by emitting harmful chemicals into the air we breathe and our oceans. It also highly decreases air pollution caused by gasoline-powered lawn mowers! FACT: “The air pollution from cutting grass for an hour with a gasoline powered lawn mower is about the same as that from a 100 mile car ride, according to a new study from Sweden.” (Mindfully.org) After more research, the staff at Purchase-Green found that, “One old gas powered lawn mower running for an hour emits as much pollution as driving 650 miles in a 1992 model automobile.” (Environmental Protection Agency) Are you kidding me?!
Purchase-Green not only makes every effort to provide our customers with a great product for their homes/sports fields but also a great product for their lifestyle.