Over the past twenty years, golf has become one of the most popular sports in the world— and it’s certainly easy to see why. It’s both a competitive sport and a leisure activity that almost anyone, of nearly any age, can play and enjoy. It’s a game of strategy and skill that requires endless hours of practice to master. Luckily, it’s never too hard to get a few rounds in, with golf courses available almost everywhere in the United States – but what about getting a home putting green?

Golf is an outdoor activity that’s good for the body, improves mental health, and increases life expectancy. Because there is so much to love about the game, below are five reasons to consider adding a do it yourself (DIY) putting green to your home:

1. You’ll have your own private golf course

Like most people who are passionate about golf, you probably dream of having your own golf course. Thanks to a host of new artificial grasses which look and feel like real grass, you can! Your DIY green will provide the same golf experience, without all the costs, daily upkeep, and hassles that come with owning a traditional course.

These allow for creativity as well as convenience, as you can design and create whatever type of golf course you desire, with choices in size, shape, accent features and challenge level. Your design can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like and the DIY putting green can feature solar lights (for playing at night), water features (e.g., a pond, fountain, etc.), retaining walls, a walkway, benches, garden beds, etc. The possibilities are endless.

2. You’ll be able to golf whenever you want and you’ll also have a more convenient place to practice

By adding a putting green to your home, you’re literally steps away from increasing your practice time and improving your short game. Without the need to join, or regularly utilize, a public or private golf course, you’ll have a much more practical and convenient place to practice your game. Plus, you’ll be able relax and unwind every day year round by doing something you love, regardless of the weather conditions.

3. You’ll save time and money

A DIY putting green will help you save time. You’ll no longer have to call and arrange for tee times, load up the car and drive back and forth to the course, have to wait in long lines, etc. Moreover, you’ll save money on country club dues, membership fees, range fees, and other golf-related expenses.

4.  They’re great for entertaining and spending quality time with family and friends

Encouraging everyone to get outside and play a round of golf together is a great way to increase the entertainment value of your yard and make your weekends, friend and family get togethers, and parties more fun and enjoyable. Not only will playing golf help everyone relax and create good memories, but you’ll also get to share one of your favorite pastimes with them — and show off your skills in the process.

5.  They’re easy to install and maintain

Installing a professional-quality putting green is easy if you have the right tools and knowledge. It’s important to use high-quality artificial grasses and to install them on a flat, solid, and smooth surface. Once they’re installed, artificial putting greens require very little maintenance. Unlike natural grass, you won’t have to mow, fertilize or water them, and the product retains a lush, green color year round.

Ultimately, it simply makes sense to install your own DIY putting green — you’ll have access to your favorite pastime year round, won’t have to waste time or money with course-related expenses and increase the entertainment value of your backyard. For tips on how to get started, see Purchase Green’s step-by-step guide.

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