Purchase Green Territory Holder Program
As the California drought continues its onslaught on the state’s water supply, the discussion surrounding what to do about it is shifting from a singular focus over what needs to happen right now to an added concern regarding the state’s long-term sustainability and water needs.

What if rain and snowfall never return to pre-drought levels? What if the drought is California’s new status quo?

The drought, of course, has far-reaching consequences that affect everything from farming to lawn care, and while it’s easy to argue that green grass isn’t as important as the country’s food supply, as the browning of Westwood’s iconic Mormon Temple lawn has proven–at the very least, brown lawns are a major bummer that can remarkably alter a landscape.

With water restrictions growing ever tight, are artificial lawns one key to solving the state’s–and even the nation’s–need to take water conservation more seriously?

The Beneficial Facts

An artificial lawn has many advantages over a traditional one. From the ease of upkeep–no mowing, fertilizing, or edging–to the fact that it looks good all year long, an artificial lawn’s reliable green enhances both curb appeal and personal enjoyment, no matter what drought conditions may be.

Add to those benefits the fact that the average artificial lawn saves water to the tune of 37 gallons per square foot each year, which over the course of a 1,000 square foot lawn’s useful lifetime results in a savings of over 700,000 gallons, and it’s not that much of a stretch to consider artificial lawns as one path to a more sustainable future–not just for individual homeowners, but for cities, institutions, sports teams, and businesses, too.

It’s an idea that’s really beginning to take hold. And as a $700 million dollar a year industry, artificial grass isn’t just here to stay; it’s poised to keep growing.

So what if you could participate? Not just as a customer, but as a purveyor?

Purchase Green Territory Holders

If you’re an entrepreneur, landscaper, landscape material supplier, or contractor, becoming a Purchase Green Territory Holder is a great way to expand or start up a business within an industry that’s growing, while tackling water conservation concerns.

A true, retail distribution program instead of a franchise, Territory Holders receive a corporate-designed website, exclusive territory rights, online advertising, marketing collateral, and business support for as little as $25,000.

The only wholesale artificial grass company with distribution centers that are corporately owned, Purchase Green has increased revenue an average of 80% per year over the last three years. And as concerns over the environment continue to grow, Purchase Green and its Territory Holders will experience growth too.

The California drought has the potential to completely transform American agriculture, the U.S. food supply, and the ways in which Americans think about outdoor, green spaces. By becoming a Territory Holder, you’ll be on the frontlines of that transformation, aiding in the work of sustainability, while simultaneously establishing your own profitable business.

Don’t miss your chance to get in early, secure a territory, and establish a profitable business of your own. Call us today to learn more 844-TURF-444 or you can watch a quick video about the Purchase Green Territory Holder program.