What is a playground grass? Well, the answer is…nothing. When it comes to artificial grass playgrounds, we’re talking about a system consisting of three key components – the artificial grass, something called a shock pad and infill.


Let’s start with the grass. You can choose any grass you want for your playground. But if you want it to perform well and last a long time, you want to look for a grass with durability, density and resistance to matting. Grasses with shorter, denser fibers will prove most resistant to matting. You can choose a taller grass if you wish but keep in mind you’ll need to use more infill as a result.

Your playground should also include shock pad. A shock pad is an underlayment for artificial grass that improves impact attenuation. We carry several shock pads, each with a different critical fall height rating. Critical fall height is a combined measurement of vertical distance and the height from which a fall would not be expected to cause a life threatening head injury. 

Finally, you need to choose an infill. The right infill is the one that fits within your budget and offers the features and benefits desired. If you choose a taller, less dense grass, then you’ll want more infill in order to maximize performance. A shorter, denser grass will require less infill. 

That’s a playground system. If you’re interested in building one of your own, call, click or visit. At Purchase Green we’re always happy, helpful and happy to help.