Still on the fence about whether you want to make the switch? Is artificial grass all that its hyped up to be? YES IT IS.

Here are ten advantages of making the switch:

1. Purchase Green’s artificial grass once installed, requires very little maintenance! No watering or mowing is needed!

2. Customer’s save tons of money on water costs and gardening tools.

3. Fertilizer expenses and weed killers become a thing of the past!

4. The decrease in chemical activity means not only are you saving your bank account, but saving the environment too.

5. Pulling out weeds sucks! No weeds with artificial grass!

6. Artificial grass lasts twice as long as natural grass, no replanting necessary.

7. Artificial grass drains significantly better than natural grass, the grass will dry quickly and your yard won’t turn into a muddy mess.

8. The excellent drainage means your yard won’t flood like it used to, no muddy puddles or muddy footprints in the house.

9. Artificial grass is SAFER for sports players.

10. Artificial grass always looks perfectly green and perfectly manicured.