It’s beginning already. Lawn mowers are on sale. Fertilizer is 20% off. Bags of grass seed are two for one. The big box retailers are making their annual push to get you to stock up on all the equipment, tools and accessories needed to do battle with your lawn. But what if this year, instead of fighting your lawn, you did something awesome instead? Check out these five weirdly amazing outcomes that can result from having synthetic turf.

Build a Go Kart

Did you ever wish for a go kart when you were a kid? Heck, maybe you’re wishing for one now. With a synthetic turf lawn from Purchase Green, you won’t be needing that old lawn mower anymore and it just so happens that lawn mower engines are fantastic for building homemade go karts. And, thanks to your gorgeous new lawn, you won’t have to spend hours maintaining it and can instead do something fun…like driving your new go kart!

Enjoy Your Pool More

Ever feel guilty about filling you your pool during the summer? You’re not alone. Swimming pools lose around 25,000 gallons of water every year to evaporation. But the good news is that a synthetic grass lawn saves that much water and then some. In fact, for every 660 square feet of artificial grass you install you save about 24,000 gallons of water. While we still encourage water conservation of all sorts, if you have a pool, having synthetic turf can help you feel a little better about filling it back up every week.

Spend Less at the Grocery Store

Maybe building go karts and swimming aren’t your thing. Turns out there are some people who actually enjoy yard work! One of the best ways to get your thumb green is with a vegetable garden. When you make the switch to synthetic turf you free up all kinds of time for yourself to do whatever you want. Maybe what you’ve always wanted was a fabulous vegetable garden but regular yard maintenance always kept your from doing it. An artificial grass lawn gives you back time to grow amazing vegetables and, as a result, spend less time and money at the grocery store.

Win Money on the Golf Course

Is there anything cooler than betting a local duffer $20 that you can sink a long putt and actually pulling it off? Probably, but that is pretty cool! And you can become a links legend with a synthetic grass putting green in your back – or front – yard. Purchase Green has transformed thousands of yards by creating amazing putting greens. Plus, we have cup lights and solar lights so you can even practice your stroke at night. With any luck you’ll be king of the country club.

Plan for Your Retirement

Most parents secretly – some very publicly – believe their little slugger will make it to the big show one day. If your tyke has a knack for baseball, you can use synthetic turf to help make his (and your) big league dreams come true with a backyard batting cage! Whether for pitching, catching or batting, Purchase Green can help you swing for the fences so your kiddo can make it big and you can watch the retirement checks roll in.




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