Gold Out of Straw

When the unlucky heroine of a classic fairy tale is forced to spin straw into gold due to a careless lie her father tells the king, it is only through the magical, overnight, straw-spinning abilities of the little imp, Rumplestiltskin, that she is able to satisfy the king and save her own skin.

And while you may be wondering what danger, royalty, and deadlines have to do with artificial grass remnants, it turns out they–like the straw in the story– can be “spun” into a wide variety of useful applications and require no more magic than a handful of tools and some free time.

Whether you’ve just had your lawn transformed into an oasis of ever-green, cost-saving artificial grass, or your neighbor did and the dog run she constructed with the leftovers has you thinking crafty thoughts, artificial grass remnants are a perfect vehicle for many do-it-yourself projects.

From transforming a child’s playroom into an enchanted forest and setting up a simple dog run, to alleviating some of the mess that makes it into your mudroom, here are three easy DIY projects made from artificial grass remnants that are as good as gold.

Plant a Forest

Children have vivid imaginations that grow into even brighter and bolder bloom when encouraged. By covering all or part of your child’s playroom floor, walls, and even ceilings with artificial grass, you can help create an environment where play is anything but ordinary, and the imagination is given free rein.

Add to that the fact that artificial grass provides a measure of soundproofing, and all of a sudden, you’ve made a play area that benefits everyone in your house.

Make Mudroom Mats

No matter what amount of use your mudroom sees, an artificial grass mat or two will aid mightily in keeping it clean. Cut two mat-sized rectangles out of a piece of leftover artificial grass, and place one on either side of the outside door leading into and out of your mudroom, so those entering will have two chances to clean their feet.

When mud and grime build up, simply take the mats outside, hose them off, and let them air dry before returning them to their spots by the door.

Put Up a Pet Area

Dogs love to be outdoors, but unless yours is remarkably well-behaved when no one is looking, his digging and pacing can ruin your lawn in a matter of weeks. To counter your pooch’s destructive tendencies without keeping him indoors all day, construct a dog run or pet area out of artificial grass scraps.

Some artificial grass is manufactured especially for pet use, and while this type is ideal, any artificial grass will do for your DIY dog run. Simply fence off an area in your yard where you want to keep your pet; cut your grass scraps to the correct sizes, and install the grass according to the downloadable installation instructions.

No matter how you come across them, spinning something in your world into gold with artificial grass remnants is easy with a little imagination. Ask a store associate or check with your local store to receive up to 75% off in-stock remnants.

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