Financing Options

Purchase Green is pleased to provide our customers with several financing programs to help with the cost of artificial grass installation.

Wells Fargo Outdoor Solutions

The first program is Wells Fargo Outdoor Solutions. This financing program is credit card-based, meaning customers who would like to take advantage of this offer must meet certain credit criteria in order to be approved.

There are two financing options available through Wells Fargo Outdoor Solutions:

  • Convenient monthly payments
  • Immediate access to revolving credit line upon approval
  • Competitive interest rates with two financing options available (12 months special financing and reduced rate APR)
  • Financing program exclusively for your residential project
  • Opportunity to pay for their projects over time
  • A competitive interest rate

Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO)

The HERO program is a financing program that partners with local governments to make energy efficient, water efficient, and renewable energy products more affordable for homeowners. Unlike other financing options, there are no credit score requirements and repayments are made through your property taxes.

To qualify for HERO, mortgage payments must be current and mortgage-related debt must not exceed 90% of the value of the property. ADDITIONAL CRITERIA APPLY. Details are available at

Benefits of using HERO include:

  • HERO finances 100% of the cost to purchase and install eligible products
  • No application fees
  • HERO offers low, fixed interest rates with amortization periods of 5, 10 or 15  years with current interest rates at 6.75%, 7.69% and 8.15% respectively
  • No credit score requirements
  • Repayments are made through your property taxes, with the interest being tax deductible
  • If the property is sold before the HERO assessment is paid in full, the remaining payments can legally be passed on to a new property owner


Like the HERO program, mPower is a financing mechanism that allows property owners to install energy and water efficiency retrofits and renewable energy systems. The financed amount is amortized and the annual amount due is added to the property tax bill. Presently, mPower is available only to residents of Placer County, CA and the city of Folsom, CA.

All residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, or multi-family residential (5 units or more) property owners located in any of Placer County’s incorporated cities or towns, the unincorporated areas of Placer County, or the City of Folsom who receive a secured property tax bill are eligible to apply. Certain eligibility requirements must be met. Visit for details.

Benefits of using mPower include:

  • Easy to apply
  • No money down
  • Fixed interest rate of 6%
  • No credit reports are generated and the assessment does not appear on any future credit reports
  • Financing is based on the value of the property not on the applicant’s income
  • Financed amount is repaid on your property tax bill
  • Assessments not yet paid in full may be passed on to subsequent property owners