Cost Comparison

Purchase Green artificial grass pays for itself in just a few years!

1000 SQ.FT Artificial Natural
Initial Cost $9,000 $2,000
Annual Cost $350 $2,720
Irrigation / Repair $0 $1,320
Maintenance $350 $1,200
Fertilizer / Chemical $0 $200
YEAR 1 $350 $2,720
YEAR 2 $350 $2,720
---- $350 per year $2,720 per year
Year 12 $350 $2,720
TOTAL $13,200 $32,640

Artificial Grass Installation Cost

If you’re considering a DIY installation of synthetic turf, Purchase Green has a ton of resources available that will help you learn exactly how to install a beautiful new artificial grass lawn. Anyone with a few weekends and proper motivation can install synthetic grass. Figuring out whether to install artificial grass yourself or hire someone to do it for you is an important step to take. Keep in mind that a good, experienced installer will charge somewhere in the $8-$12 per square-foot range. Depending on where you live, however, the labor market might be such that the price to install is slightly higher or lower than that. If you do it yourself, you’re looking at a $3-$6 per square foot price. The difference in cost between a professional installation and a DIY project comes from the fact that a professional installation will factor in things like excavation, site prep, site access, dump and haul fees, roots and rocks in the soil and, of course, time. A professional installation will usually be done in one or two days whereas a DIY project may take up several weekends of more. Before you decide, be sure to download and read our eBook on DIY installation. The book provides insight into the realities of a DIY install and will help you make an informed decision as to whether to attempt the job yourself or hire an installer. You can also read our blog post on the benefits of having artificial grass professionally installed and our post on the benefits of doing it yourself. We’d also advise you to call or visit your local Purchase Green store. Our expert staff will be happy to answer any artificial grass-related question you may have.