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With an anticipated annual growth rate of 8 – 10% through 2025, the artificial grass industry is in great demand for high quality suppliers and installers. And  Purchase Green makes getting into the grass game easier than ever! 


Leverage the Purchase Green brand authority and join our nationwide network of dealers and installers. Landscape and hardscape professionals can take advantage of special material pricing and even earn lead referrals when they sign up as an Installation Partner with their nearby Purchase Green store! Whether your an industry veteran or looking to tap into the market for the first time, Purchase Green has a business solution for you. Read on to learn more or stop into your closest store to apply with a manager!

Opportunities in the Artificial Grass Market

Turf Industry Favors Landscape Professionals

The beautiful thing about artificial grass is its versatility and adaptability in the commercial world, with the industry lending landscape professionals of all varieties a unique opportunity for a leg up in a growing market. Homebuilders and renovators, hardscape contractors, landscape supply stores, residential and commercial real estate – each of these industries and more profit from synthetic turf, with increasing numbers adopting it as part of their business model, taking advantage of the landscape network and its growing demand for quality turf. 

Exponential Growth Trends

The synthetic turf market has continued to see an increase in positive public perceptions, sustainability performance, and increased usability – further driving market demand and growth. According to research conducted by the Synthetic Turf Council, ‘In North America, the total value of installed synthetic turf is expected to be approximately $2.7 billion USD in 2020. This activity translates into approximately 265 million square feet of installed turf and 777 million pounds of infill. Overall, the market has seen an approximate increase of 15% since 2017’. Additionally, as reported by the AMI Consulting Report, Artificial Grass- The Global Market, the turf industry value is projected to increase about 10% until 2023, specifically in the leisure and landscape markets.  

Purchase Green: The Innovative Business Solution

Brand Authority & Persona

Purchase Green Artificial Grass is an internationally recognized brand with the fastest-growing distribution network in the US. Propelled by industry-leading digital marketing expertise, what began as a start-up quickly grew into a broader corporation with strong footprints and relationships in local markets, providing convenience to customers. The Purchase Green brand is trusted for excellent, expert customer service and the highest quality products sold at the best prices. When you buy into Purchase Green, you buy into the PG notoriety. 

Expert Training

We are in the business of providing solutions. At Purchase Green, we take pride in cultivating a unique retail environment that values authenticity, transparency, and a desire to inform. Every team member is comprehensively trained in product manufacturing and specification, as well as industry and installation knowledge – in order to expertly pair customers with their ideal landscape solution.

Sales Support Center

Located in Southern California is the Sales Support Center, where our Customer Support and Outbound Sales teams operate. Here, our staff facilitate pre-qualification and distribution of all incoming leads generated by PG Marketing efforts, manage roll-over calls from all corporate and franchise locations to ensure no customers are missed, assist online customers through our website’s live chat, as well as generate brand awareness and prospects for new or established territories.

Marketing & Advertising

Franchisees also have access to Purchase Green’s Marketing team that will create and manage all Franchise PPC campaigns, local business listings, and the franchise location page on the company website – as well as produce and, at times, assist with the distribution of both print and digital marketing collateral. PG Marketing executives will also support new franchisors by evaluating proposed territories and grading their viability.

Additional Benefits of Partnering with Purchase Green

IPEMA product and system certifications enable contractors to provide quality and safety assurance. Follow the link below to learn more about the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association and how you can take advantage of product certifications.

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