What is a Dropship Dealer?

The Dropship program offers material discounts and allows businesses to order on an as-needed basis, shipped right to the installation site—no minimum order quantities or warehouse required.

  • As a way to open doors for businesses of all sizes, Purchase Green offers retail or wholesale locations a chance to expand their product selection without substantial investments.
  • Simply set up an in-store display in your existing retail showroom and let the grass sell itself!
  • Dealers may purchase their own display rack and order pre-cut sample pieces, or Purchase Green can provide a free rack and samples upon their first material order.
Purchase Green grasses can also be white-labeled, so dealers may elect to rebrand the turf should they prefer, but we encourage taking advantage of the Purchase Green brand authority and awareness.

While this is an excellent opportunity in and of itself, the Dropship program is also a great stepping stone for “dipping your toe” in the artificial grass industry, offering businesses a chance to measure demand in their region before investing in warehouse space and stocking larger quantities.

Partner with Purchase Green

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