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Preventing weeds and critters in your yard

In any yard, there’s always some chance you’ll have to deal with weeds or critters, sometimes both! If you’re worried what that may mean when considering installing artificial grass, we have a few solutions to help keep those invasive flora and fauna as far away as possible.

While there is no guaranteed solution for permanently getting rid of weeds and critters, these are simple enough measures to make a big difference.

Dealing with critters

If there isn’t a huge gopher or mole problem, then excavating 3-4 inches may deter them from returning. But if this isn’t predicted to be enough, then there’s an option to install one or more layers of weed barrier. Typically, weed barrier is installed below the base layer and above the existing subgrade, as shown in this graphic. An additional layer can also be laid above the base layer for two layers of deterrence. 

If needed, installing gopher wire is also an option. The gopher wire is laid on the existing subgrade and weed barrier can be placed on top.

Dealing with weeds

Pre-existing stubborn weeds can be challenging to keep away. These preventative measures can help mitigate their invasion. 


Like dealing with gophers and moles, an additional layer or layers of weed barrier can be installed above and below the base rock if the weeds are particularly invasive. 

Applying a pre-emergent product before installing the turf can also help prevent weeds from protruding. Or, if you notice that weeds are already protruding through the turf, you can use a non-toxic weed killer to avoid damaging the artificial grass.

While these aren’t guaranteed solutions for keeping away weeds and critters, we’ve found that they are incredibly helpful in doing so. When scheduling an estimating appointment with your local Purchase Green store, you can let the estimator know about any weed or critter problems, and they can assist you in deciding on the best solution for your yard.

Posted on August 15, 2020

Nails, glue, or tape: seaming artificial grass

When it comes to seaming your artificial grass installation, there are a few options for how to do it. It just depends on your particular install and preferences.

Seaming tape and glue

This method is definitely the most robust of the three, but it’s also the most expensive and labor-intensive. How does it work? Purchase Green’s seaming tape is sealed on one side. The sealed side goes face down. The non-sealed side should be face up and the glue is applied to the non-sealed side.

Using seaming tape and glue is the recommended installation method for putting greens as it provides for a clean seam without protruding nails or staples. Because putting green turf is short and dense, using tape and glue is the most effective way to beautifully seam two rolls of grass together.

But how much glue do I need? Our seaming glue comes in three sizes. Assuming you’d be using a 12″ wide seaming tape, the 5-gallon bucket is good for 250 linear feet of seaming, the 1-gallon bucket is good for 50 feet, and the 29 oz tube is good for 13 feet.

Say you decide to go the tape and glue way, when it comes time for the installation, you may be surprised to see the installer using sod staples and nails to seam the turf. Well, wait just a minute. Why are they using staples and nails when I decided on tape and glue?

Some things are only temporary. The installer will typically also use sod staples or nails to hold the seam in place while the glue is curing. This allows the installer to move on with the installation without risk of disrupting the seam. The staples and nails provide your short-term hold while the tape and glue provide your long-term hold.

Sod staples and nails

Speaking of staples and nails, if you’re going for easy and inexpensive, this option could be for you. With nails, it’s quick and easy to seam your artificial grass, but it won’t be as robust as using glue and tape.

If you’re curious, here’s a quick video about the difference between installing with nails and staples and installing with tape and glue.

Double-sided industrial tape

This seaming method is popular in places like Las Vegas, Dallas and Phoenix since it’s more suited to hot climates. Why? The hotter it is, the better the tape will bond.

Double-sided industrial tape is also great for temporary installations, such as trade shows and patio parties. If you’re installing over concrete or asphalt, this is a super effective option.

If it works with your project, you could also use this tape with nails and staples for added strength.

In Conclusion…

The seaming process is super important to ensuring you get a clean-looking artificial lawn. We hope that this breakdown of the options helps you make the best decision for your project. But with any project, there are a number of factors to take into account, so feel free to contact your local Purchase Green store to figure out what will be best for you!

Posted on August 11, 2020

What types of yarn are in our artificial grass rolls?

Believe it or not, there are ten kinds of yarn we use in our different artificial grass rolls. Each yarn has its own blade shape and set of attributes that contribute to our wide variety of grasses.

The yarn types are differentiated by their shape. You may be asking, “Alright, just how many shapes are we talking about here? There can’t be THAT many.” But, in fact, there are ten!


Kicking it off with the ol’ tried-and-true. The classic. 

If you simply want a lawn that looks amazing and is an environmentally-friendly, water-savings option that isn’t going to endure tremendous foot traffic, the Flat yarn is perfect. Find it in our Southwestern Sod Light artificial grass rolls.



Our ground-breaking, next-generation Willow yarn is the first truly non-directional yarn. Wear patterns? Willow has never heard of those.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better all-around performer than the Willow yarn. It was created to replicate baseball fields–so it’s got great toughness, durability and feel. What that means for you in a landscape or playground setting is that the Willow yarn will stand up to whatever you throw at it. Willow works hard, so you can play hard.


A Stem yarn is similar to a Flat yarn with one key difference–a stem running the length of the blade which enhances memory and performance.

Our Stem grasses are made with Thiolon yarns. Thiolon is a brand of stem yarn that has been around for decades–and has long been recognized as the best yarn in the world when it comes to performance and memory. Thiolon yarns have a fibrous stem that responds to heat by stiffening. Unroll any artificial grass rolls of Southwestern Sod or Nature’s Sod 90, and you can literally watch the blades begin to stand up as the fibers absorb heat from the sun and stiffen.


You know what they say about diamonds. Well, our Double-Diamond yarn is everybody’s best friend. And it’s exclusively found in our Fescue Supreme artificial grass rolls.

The Double-Diamond shape is the result of the very latest in yarn extrusion technology. This creates a very durable grass that boasts an extremely soft and pleasant feel. Because of these features, grasses with Double-Diamond shaped yarn are truly multipurpose and will perform great just about anywhere.


The V-shape yarn found in our Vista line is one of our most popular and successful yet. The V-shape is undoubtedly one of the best performers on the market due to its strength in memory and durability. 

Not only does it hold up under traffic, it looks natural doing it! The Vista grasses have a beautiful vibrant lime green bi-color quality and look freshly mowed and healthy.


The ‘S’ in S-shape stands for soft. Not really, but it is known for its exceptionally soft feel, great performance, and virtually no shine.

Purchase Green’s S-fiber is unique in two regards. First, our S fiber has virtually zero shine whatsoever because it receives an anti-luster treatment at the factory prior to being tufted. Second, our S fiber is softer than the competition. We achieved this by improving the denier. We even named our Nature’s Sod Plush grass after the amazing feel. A thicker blade means better performance. In fact, the only thing left in common between our S and the competitions is the shape.


If we’re still talking abbreviations, I guess you could say ‘C’ stands for cool. That doesn’t just mean that our C-shape grass is really awesome (which it is), but it actually stays cooler than other blade types. 10-20% cooler to be exact.

How does it do this? Well, the C-shaped fiber helps to reduce the surface temperature of the grass by diverting ultraviolet rays from the shorter curled fibers where heat can be trapped–that’s what we call Cool Yarn technology, baby!

C-Shape grasses in our Eco line such as Eco Olive 80 are a good choice for those looking for a grass that looks real, stays cooler and offers admirable durability.


On the topic of Cool Yarn, our U-Shape yarn is the best-performing Cool Yarn technology, available in our Marathon grasses.

Interestingly, the same curvaceous property that keeps the U-shape from getting as warm as other grasses also helps its resiliency. Nature knows best and the U-shape, when you think about it, is really an arch. In Utah, nature’s own arches have been standing for millions of years – a testament to the power of the U-Shape!

With U-shaped yarns, you’ll get a tall, cool grass ideal for low traffic landscape applications and pet areas. The U-shape is simply terrific at reflecting away heat while also offering a very realistic aesthetic.


Have you ever met someone who was just so naturally good at everything it just wasn’t fair? Well, that’s Mini-W yarn. A jack of all trades. A Renaissance yarn.

As in the look and feel departments, the Mini-W was engineered to blend together the most desirable attributes of other yarns. It may not be the best yarn in any one particular category, but in all categories it is very, very good.

Mini-W yarn is one of the best in the industry. It has outstanding memory and, with the proper amount of infill to suit your expected foot traffic, is a highly-durable grass. The Mini-W yields an excellent, high-quality, very natural looking product that is exceptionally hearty. You can find it in our Arizona grasses.


Hollow? This grass is hollow? Why? In addition to getting that Cool Yarn technology, the Hollow shape combines durability and performance while simultaneously allowing for transpiration of moisture contained in the hollow spine.

No other yarns at Purchase Green feature anything quite like the Hollow yarn. It’s a remarkable feat, and the results are plainly obvious – a beautifully cheery green grass that looks real, feels great and stays cool. 

The Hollow yarn likes to aim for the sweet spot. It will handle a medium amount of traffic, it will produce a medium shine, and it’s right in the middle on price. Right now, the only grass with the Hollow shape is our Diamond Cool 50, but we’re hoping to add more!

And there you have it! Those were the ten yarn types you can currently find in our artificial grass rolls! Whew. What a ride. Thanks for coming along!

If you want to learn more about all these different grasses, feel free to contact us and ask any questions or tell us about your project. We’re happy to help!

Posted on August 3, 2020

How long does artificial grass last?

One of the most important and frequent questions we are asked is “How long does artificial grass last?” The lifespan of artificial grass is dependent on a lot of factors, but generally, it can last 15-25 years.

Here are a few things you can do to keep your grass fresh and last longer.


This may be a given, but cleaning your turf will help it last longer. Giving your turf a rinse with the hose a couple of times a month and raking away any debris will keep anything from accumulating between the grass blades. If your pets use the turf area, you’ll have to do a bit more frequent cleaning. To get rid of any stains and odors, a Turf Bomb sanitizing clean will do the trick.

We discussed deep cleaning your turf in this blog post from last month if you want to find out more. 

Power Broom

Using a power broom on your turf about once a year will help restore your turf to a like-new appearance. The power broom works to remove traffic wear patterns and fix any flat spots or matting. This will be a great help in increasing your turf’s longevity!

Avoiding Localized Heating


Localized heating can occur when focused sunlight scorches and melts artificial grass. Reflections from windows, glass furniture, and machinery can all result in localized heating for your turf. Blocking any reflections by moving, covering, or tinting the culprit will be key to ensuring your turf lives its best life. For more info on localized heating, check out this blog post.


Artificial grass can last 15-25 years, depending on the grass itself and the bit of maintenance required to keep it beautiful. But you can bet that you’ll get the best out of your Purchase Green artificial grass and will be equipped with the right tools and accessories to enjoy your turf for years.

Posted on July 30, 2020

Remnants: the way to get cheap artificial grass

If you’re looking to buy artificial grass but have a tighter budget, have no fear! In addition to having low-cost grasses such as Ground Cover or Bluegrass Light, Purchase Green also offers remnants and shorts at steeply discounted prices. This is an effective way to get cheap artificial grass.

What are remnants and shorts?

Artificial grass remnants are pieces of artificial grass left over when a roll is cut to a particular size and/or when artificial grass is trimmed to fit during an installation. Our artificial grass remnants come in all manner of shapes and sizes.

A short is a roll of artificial grass that is shorter than when it left the factory. This happens when a customer orders a certain amount of artificial grass, and what’s left on the roll we sell as a short. Shorts are just like regular rolls of artificial grass, only shorter.

Why are these cheaper? Is there something wrong with them?

No, there’s nothing wrong with these grasses. There are a few reasons why these cuts of grass are cheaper. The Purchase Green Product Warranty does not cover “remnant” sales and such sales are specifically sold “as-is”. Being sold “as-is” means that we won’t cut them at the store for the customer. Each remnant a customer purchases will have to be picked up and taken as it comes. Our remnants come in all shapes and sizes, so choose a remnant that will be manageable to work with for your project. 

In addition to being sold “as-is” and without a warranty, these discounted products  MUST be picked up at the store selling them. You can purchase the remnants online but must collect them from the store. Say you find a 30 sq. ft. remnant of Arizona Pro being sold at our Escondido store. You can purchase that remnant on the website (at less than half the original price in this case) and would have to pick it up in-store and take it as-is.

So, when looking for remnants, be sure to look at locations you can easily get to. And don’t be afraid to ask for more information about the different remnants! Even if your options seem slimmer going the remnant route, our PG team is always happy to help you find the best grass for you! 

Posted on July 25, 2020

Our top 8 modern landscape design ideas

Modern landscaping, much like modern interior design, favors neatness, clean symmetric lines, and minimalism. Less is more. So, what place does artificial turf have in modern landscaping? A lot of modern outdoor areas focus on creating an easy-to-maintain space. 

And what do we at Purchase Green always say?

Artificial grass is low-maintenance!

Combining artificial grass and modern landscape design is a no-brainer. Let’s look at some of our favorite modern landscape design ideas that use turf.

Lean & Green


Choosing one or two different kinds of plants to complement your green lawn keeps it simple and clean. This design absolutely nails it.



The Driveway of the Future



You can make any boring driveway look sleek and distinguished by transforming it with pavers and turf! This PG install used Vista Sport grass to get that perfect look.






White gravel, dark rocks and pavers, and green turf with a statement tree is a special combination that I didn’t know I needed. Until now.

Step Evolution

Turf. Steps. The clean lines and contrast of the vibrant green with the gray. Beautiful!

Paving Symmetry


Pavers and turf are a classic combo. The symmetry makes any space look modern. Get this PG-installed look with Vista Natural 80 turf.




The Cozy Yard


If I had a backyard that looked like this, I think I would never leave. The wood accents with all that white is green is just so lovely.



The Hidden Oasis



Remember what I said earlier about a statement tree? And pavers? That also applies to this space. This feels like a secluded front yard oasis that is just a hidden gem. 







A Modern Dip in the Pool


If you read the blog from a few weeks ago about pool landscaping ideas, then you know that turf goes GREAT with a backyard pool. This modern design combines all of my favorite things: artificial grass, pavers, pools, and wood accents.




Those were our top 8 modern landscape design ideas! Let us know on our socials which one was your favorite, or tag us in any fun ideas you find on Instagram.

If any of those designs sparked a project idea of your own, feel free to contact us and tell our team of experts what you’re looking for! As always, we’re happy, we’re helpful, and we’re happy to help! 

Posted on July 20, 2020

COVID Protocols Update

To our valued customers and associates in California and Arizona:

Purchase Green’s highest priority is the health and safety of our team, our customers, and the communities we serve during this time. With the changing restrictions in California and Arizona, in an effort to ensure the safety of our employees while serving our customers and communities, we are adjusting a few in-store and on-site protocols for our California and Arizona locations.

In short, Purchase Green’s California and Arizona locations are operational, but our showrooms are closed. We are still processing orders and can assist customers both over the phone and online. Purchase Green stores in other states will continue to conduct business as they have been.

Payment Processing and Receiving Materials

We are processing orders and taking payment either over the phone or via our website. For customers that would like to pay via cash or check – funds can be deposited directly into our bank account at a local Wells Fargo or City National Bank branch. Unfortunately we are not able to take cash or check payments at the store. For specific guidance on cash and check payments, reach out to your local Purchase Green store.

Product can be will-called by appointment and deliveries are available via 3rd party carrier. Select locations will continue to offer local curbside delivery, though this will vary from store to store so as to adhere to local regulations. Please feel free to call your local Purchase Green store for location specific delivery options. At locations where local delivery is still an available option please note our team members will diligently maintain required social distancing and we ask that you work with us to do the same. For will-calls we ask customers to remain in their vehicle to the maximum extent possible and again, help us to maintain appropriate social distancing.

Estimates and Installations

As a result of differing local regulations, specific options will vary by location; although, in general, on-site measurements/estimates can still be scheduled. To the maximum extent possible, we will utilize various digital platforms to remotely capture approximate dimensions for the size and scope of your project and provide an approximate price range on material and labor. If, based upon this information, you would like a precise site measurement and proposal, we will schedule your on-site estimate.

You are not required to be present during our on-site visit; feel free to remain in your home or off-site. We simply ask that you leave necessary access points open for our team members and work with us to diligently maintain appropriate social distancing. We also always have the option to review the measure and proposal with you via video conference. Product samples can be left in designated areas and final proposals will be emailed within 1 business day.

In general, construction work is being completed as scheduled; and where allowed, new construction work continues to be added to our job calendar. To ensure your health & safety along with the health and safety of our team members, we ask that all necessary access points are open and staging areas left clear for tools and material. We ask that every reasonable effort is made to maintain appropriate social distancing. Additionally, if you have a question or comment at any point during the installation process, please feel free to communicate with our job supervisor via phone or email. An in-person chat is also acceptable under the assumption that we continue to exercise good social distancing habits.

Please do not hesitate to contact any of our California and Arizona locations if you have questions on how to proceed with a purchase or appointment. We’re happy to help! And our deepest thanks and appreciation for your understanding during these uncertain times. We’re grateful to continue to be a part of such supportive communities.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and be kind to others.

Posted on July 13, 2020

What makes our playground turf different?

When choosing turf for a playground, you want something that will keep kids safer, withstand heavy play, and look good doing it. Older playground turf can sometimes bring back memories of a hard, green rubber surface that smells funky on hot days.

Luckily, this isn’t the case with Purchase Green’s playground turf. You won’t find any crumb rubber in our grasses, and we have some of the softest, safest turf available. When helping customers pick artificial grass for a playground, we suggest ones that will be durable and safe for years of fun. 

Playground turf comes in a variety of options, so you can be sure you’re picking the one best suited for your project. We have over seven kinds of turf that we recommend for playgrounds, and we offer various shock pads and infills that help with playground safety.

Diamond Cool artificial grass playground


Southwestern Sod Sport artificial grass playground

Arizona Pro artificial grass playground

Grasses like Playscape Pro and Perennial Green are also great choices of playground turf because they are anti-bacterial/microbial, have unmatched fiber strength, and are fully permeable with total surface drainage; Playscape Pro is even anti-static to prevent shocks!

In order to get the best out of your playground turf, pair the grass with protective shock pads and infill that will help you achieve your desired Critical Fall Height (CFH)–the height at which a critical fall injury could occur. If you’re curious to see how our turf holds up, you can read our CFH testing data.

At the end of the day, your playground turf should be safe, durable, and easy on the eyes. When it comes to choosing the best turf for your playground area, our PG experts are always happy to help with whatever your specific project requires!

Posted on July 13, 2020

What is drought resistant grass?

Drought tolerant, drought resistant–what’s the difference? Is there a difference? What if there’s not even in a drought where I live? Should I still care?

The terms “drought resistant” and “drought tolerant” are frequently used interchangeably, but there is a difference. A plant that is drought resistant is able to go without water for a long time. Drought tolerant means that it can grow with a minimal amount of water. 

Regardless of whether there is or isn’t a drought, reducing your overall water usage is not only an environmentally-friendly choice, but it’s also more economical in the long run. Maintaining a perfectly trimmed, green lawn takes a LOT of water, time, and maintenance. 

Some replacements for grass lawns are pavement, gravel and mulch, but–in our humble and completely unbiased opinion–there is a better way to fill that space. One that is more functional, more attractive, and more green.

Replacing natural and–dare I say–needy grass with drought resistant grass turf allows you to free yourself of obtrusively high water bills and long hours of convincing yourself to go mow the lawn. No more!

Using Drought Resistant Grass

Because it requires no water, turf can be considered a huge part of drought resistant landscaping. Artificial grass replaces natural grass in a way that gravel and mulch just can’t. Drought resistant landscaping as a whole can incorporate all of these products in a really beautiful, practical way.

Using artificial grass as an alternative to natural grass doesn’t mean sacrificing all the greenery. This backyard is a smorgasbord of native plants, drought resistant grass, gravel, stone pavers, mulch; it’s interesting. It’s a space that not only conserves water but looks good doing it.

An expansive backyard of natural grass can use 99,000 gallons of water per year. That’s big money. Investing in drought resistant grass can pay for itself in 3-5 years from those water and maintenance savings. No water, no pesticide, no mowing.

Decades ago, it was obvious when you used artificial grass. It was unnatural-looking, stiff, and was made out of some not-so-safe ingredients. But now, one of the only indicators that you have an artificial grass lawn is that it looks so darn good all the time! Either you’re very meticulous and spend a lot of money on upkeep for your natural lawn, or you bought a drought resistant artificial grass lawn a couple years ago and do some regular cleaning to keep it looking fresh. If it’s the latter, how does it feel to save water, time, and money all while having a gorgeous, natural-looking outdoor space? Probably feels pretty good.

Posted on July 7, 2020

Holiday Status

We hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend!

Check below for information on each of our locations’ Open/Closed Status:

San Jose: Closed Friday July 3rd and Saturday July 4th

Rancho Cordova: Closed Friday July 3rd and Saturday July 4th

San Fernando Valley: Closed Friday July 3rd and Saturday July 4th

San Dimas: Closed Friday July 3rd and Saturday July 4th

Redlands/San Bernardino: Closed Friday July 3rd and Saturday July 4th

South Orange County: Closed Friday July 3rd and Saturday July 4th

San Diego:  Closed Friday July 3rd and Saturday July 4th

Escondido:  Closed Friday July 3rd and Saturday July 4th

Murrieta OPEN Friday July 3rd, Closed Saturday July 4th

Phoenix:  Closed Friday July 3rd and Saturday July 4th

North Las Vegas: Closed Friday July 3rd and Saturday July 4th

South Las Vegas: OPEN Friday July 3rd, Closed Saturday July 4th

Dallas: Closed Friday July 3rd and Saturday July 4th

Yuba City: Closed Friday July 3rd and Saturday July 4th

Palm Desert: Closed Friday July 3rd and Saturday July 4th

Posted on July 2, 2020