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Common Artificial Grass Myths Finally Answered

Myth: Artificial grass surfaces are completely maintenance free.
Fact: While maintaining an artificial grass area does not require a lot of work, it is not completely maintenance free. Frequent raking, and sweeping is necessary to keep Purchase Green’s artificial grasses looking their best and lasting their longest. High traffic areas, as well as dog areas, will need more attention than low traffic or non-dog areas. Artificial grass is a great investment and we like to help you get your money’s worth. Plastic bristled rakes can be purchased on Purchase Green’s website and at store locations.

Myth: All synthetic grass and artificial turf products have the same drainage capabilities.
Fact: The drainage capacity and performance of a turf field is based on the field’s base material and installation along with the turf system’s physical drainage properties. Purchase Green’s turf is equipped with percolation holes every six inches. These holes help prevent puddles and water build up. The water will flow to its natural flow point unless one has been created during the sub-base process. We offer another drainage solution that provides help to high impact areas. Purchase Green now sells drainage mats, these mats can be used in backyards, dog runs and sports fields.

Myth: Natural grass is the safest playing surface for sports.
Fact: Long-term independent testing concludes that artificial grass leads to less overall time lost to injury, fewer neural injuries, fewer cranial/cervical injuries, and less 3rd degree injuries. In the most critical areas of safety, artificial grass has proven to be consistently safer than any other turf system and better than natural grass. With artificial grass, the consumer has more control over how safe their grass is. The consumers can chose how soft their grass is and whether or not they want to use a shockpad underneath.

Posted on November 8, 2012

California PRO and Spring Plush Platinum make thier DEBUT.

California PRO and Spring Plush Platinum are the two newest grasses brought to you by Purchase Green. Both at 1.8″ pile height and a 75 oz face weight, these grasses are very dense and are perfect for any high traffic area. Individually, these grasses can shine on their own too. California PRO, feautured below, is an incredibly soft grass with an Olive Bi-Color and a green/brown thatch to enhance it’s natural look. The California Pro is the most natural looking southwestern style artificial grass on the market today. The look and texture has been achieved by using two different tall fibers – an oval shipped dark green fiber and a diamond shaped lighter green fiber – the variance in blade width and shape creates an amazingly natural texture.

Spring Plush Platinum, picture below, is a very green grass accompanied by a green thatch. The Spring Plush Platinum is a preimum grade artificial grass product. The look and feel of this amazing artificial grass product is the direct result of the yarn used – an oval shaped fiber made by Tencate. The shape of the fiber allows for outstanding memory without sacrificing its incredibly soft texture. You will want to take a nap on this grass in the spring and fall afternoons!

Posted on November 2, 2012

Exceldrain: The Miracle Drainage Solution

Artificial grass is completely revolutionizing the way athletes play sports. Although artificial grass fields have already been proven to be the better grass alternative, like any turf installation, artificial fields are susceptible to insufficient drainage. Purchase Green is proud to now offer its customers a superior solution to help control virtually all water issues. This miracle drainage solution is Exceldrain and can be purchased at any one of our Purchase Green distribution centers. Exceldrain, brought to you by American Wick Drain, is the leading product of its kind. Issues such as flooding and water build-up can now be prevented! Because of its perforated core, Exceldrain will efficiently collect and evacuate water from sports fields, dog runs, parks, and backyard applications. This patented drainage product consists of a “high compressive strength formed polystyrene core” that is manufactured with non-absorbent recycled materials. With Exceldrain installed below an artificial grass field, field safety and performance will be dramatically improved. Player impact and injury risk will be minimized as well as overall maintenance costs throughout the field’s life. Exceldrain will require an extra step in the installation process, but it necessary for a well-executed install. American Wick Drain has really surpassed all of our expectations with their Exceldrain product line and Purchase Green, as a company, is honored to be able to provide this product to our customers.

For an installation guide and some more information on this great product, please feel free to visit >

Posted on October 25, 2012

MLB among those helping to restore Mayer baseball field to its glory

Cheryl Hartz/Special to the Courier With cracked concrete and broken benches, the weed-covered baseball field below Mayer’s red brick school building on Main Street is on its way to once again becoming the community’s activity hub .

A Baseball for Tomorrow Fund grant from the Major League Baseball Players Association and MLB provides $88,143.56 for artificial turf, fencing and infield materials.

“It would have been impossible for this impoverished area to build a facility of its own,” Mayer District Superintendent Dean Slaga said of the nearly $300,000 project. “Mayer Unified School District will have a state-of-the-art Little League field for both baseball and softball, and not just a field but a nice complex.”

Slaga pointed out the artificial surface not only provides year-round use, but also supports Mayer’s water conservation program.

“The district attempted to dig wells, but we can’t get more water,” Slaga said. “The only option to make this fly was artificial turf.”

Fence posts already are in place, but official groundbreaking takes place at 11 a.m. on Thursday, Aug. 30.

Slaga invites one and all to share in the celebration. He expects officials from Major League Baseball and the Arizona Diamondbacks to attend.

The superintendent credits Mayer Elementary Principal Patti Leonard for initiating the project. She in turn credits retired Air Force Colonel Jim Murray with making it happen.

Murray said it started when Leonard mentioned to his wife, Terri McComb, an MUSD English teacher, emails she received concerning grant possibilities.

“Patti’s vision was to build a ‘Field of Dreams’ and Terri asked if I was interested,” Murray said.

Murray’s online research showed only two available grants, including the Arizona Diamondbacks’ offering, which allows for one field per year. Previously, the Baseball for Tomorrow grant topped out at $39,000, but Murray said the foundation just had lifted the cap when Leonard began to get more pointed emails in July about the grant application.

In his grant process research, Murray discovered more than 6,400 girls and boys ages 6-12 reside within a 25-mile radius of Mayer. That provided him necessary impetus to apply.

“It will develop kids both physically and mentally,” Murray said, adding, “Being partners with Major League Baseball has its benefits, too. We’ll be able to host clinics for coaches and umpires, as well as players, from all around the area.”

Furthermore, Murray called the grant “perpetual.”

“If we show the benefits, MLB may provide more (money),” he said.

With $200,000 worth of in-kind donations from community members and businesses from as far as Tucson, the project should be complete by mid-October.

“Without companies such as American Fence and Pioneer Sand and Gravel providing materials and like-in-kind donations, we wouldn’t be able to do this,” Murray said.

Slaga said $20,000 came from the J.W. Kieckhefer and Margaret T. Morris foundations. He also said Big 5 Sporting Goods and car dealerships in the greater Prescott area have expressed interest in becoming major sponsors as well.

The Toro Company already is on board to provide equipment for field maintenance and grooming, and Arizona Public Service will put in dusk-to-dawn lighting for security purposes.

“It’s not enough (light) to play on. We won’t be able to do evening games – yet,” Murray said with a grin.

Once the 32,000-square-foot turf and infield stabilizer are in, they can go ahead with dugouts, terracing for fan seating, weed barriers, concession and bathroom buildings, and eventually, additional landscaping. The school district’s property on the south side of Main Street will become a parking lot, and Slaga assured residents that access to street parking next to the field will be blocked, for safety and practical purposes.

The project’s initiators believe the complex will reunite the community.

“When I came here to teach in 1987, this ball field was the community hub,” Leonard said of the natural amphitheater with a backdrop of mountains and Mayer’s historic smelter.

A quarter of a century later, it will be again.

“It’s going to be unbelievable,” Murray said.

The project still requires about $5,000 in materials for a 15×45-foot storage building, as well as labor help on many aspects.

Anyone wishing to donate time, materials, or money can call Jim Murray at 928-775-7382.

Posted on August 22, 2012

April Customer of the Month- Lakeview Patio

Lakeview Patio is Purchase-Green’s April Customer of the Month!

Every month Purchase-Green likes to officially recognize and show our appreciation for our loyal customers. April’s Customer of the Month is Lakeview Patio. Lakeview Patio is family owned and operated, they are best known for their great pricing and timely installations. Although their patio covers are what make them truly stand out in the market, Lakeview Patio also successfully installs Purchase-Green’s Artificial Grass and Putting Greens. Frank Quatrino, the owner of Lakeview Patio, is committed to providing his customer with an eco-friendly product that will last. His patios come with a lifetime warranty! “It is a proven fact that a quality outdoor patio will be one of the key features that enhance the value and marketability of your home. Our Patios and Patio Covers are low maintenance, high quality, save on power consumption, add to the beauty of your home, and add to the value of your home” said Frank. Both Lakeview’s patio covers and artificial grass installations add tremendous marketable value to your home. Thank you Lakeview for being such a great customer, we truly do appreciate your business!

For more information on this amazing contractor click here:
To view pictures of Lakeview’s grass installations go here:

Posted on April 3, 2012

Consumer Product Safety is Important!

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act
Excerpt Regarding Lead and Artificial Grass

The amount of lead that can be in artificial grass is governed by Section 101 – Children’s Products Containing Lead; Lead Pain Rule – of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

The limits specified by Section 101 are phased in over three (3) years. Products that contain more than 600 PPM (parts per million) of lead after February 10, 2009 are banned from sale in the United States and sales of such products will result in significant civil and criminal liability. That limit drops to 300 PPM in August of 2009 and 100 PPM in August of 2010.

However, additional (more restrictive rules) apply to paint and similar surface-coating materials for consumer use (which would be applicable to artificial grass). As of August 14th, 2009 the limit becomes 90 PPM.
All Purchase Green artificial grasses and artificial putting greens meet these requirements!

To learn more visit:

Posted on March 29, 2012

March Customer of the Month- Panjia, Inc.

As we take a look at work ethic, it is important to recognize the hard work and dedication it takes to run a business. This month we recognize Panjia Interlocking Pavers, Inc. as our featured March Customer of the Month –not only because we appreciate their business –but also because we admire Steve Young for all that he does to make his business successful. Today please welcome Steve, owner of Panjia Interlocking Pavers, Inc. Purchase-Green appreciates you! Panjia is a fabulous landscaping contractor that specializes in Landscape Design, Installation of Pavers, Artificial Grass and Putting Greens. Through this crazy economic time, Panjia has always stayed loyal and true by purchasing their turf through Purchase-Green. His continued business has helped our company grow and prosper. We love Steve’s determination to make his customer happy and his professionalism on the field. His hard work shows in all of the projects he is involved in.
Here is Panjia’s website for more information on this amazing contractor:

Posted on March 22, 2012

Featured in, Water For Tomorrow, a National Geographic affiliated magazine.

Purchase-Green Artificial Grass was just recently feautured in a National Geographic magazine, Water For Tomorrow. This magazine issue focuses on the importance of clean, safe water and how we can conserve it.

“Businesses, homeowners, and public agencies are saving water and enjoying lush, maintenence-free landscapes by getting real about the benefits of artificial turf. ‘While many aspects of the construction industry have struggle the last few years, the business of artificial turf is blossoming,’ said Tony Vena, owner of turf distributor Purchase Green. The industry has expanded 20 percent per year over the past decade…” article by Terri Steele, ACWA.

To see the full article, look in this month’s issue of Water for Tomorrow! You can always check out the online PDF version at this website.

Posted on February 7, 2012

Beautiful? Yes! Artificial? You betcha!

Arizona Platinum

According to a recent MSN Real Estate article, “It wasn’t Astroturf, exactly, but long, smooth blades of grass that looked exactly like real grass but happened to be plastic. It had been laid down like a carpet, over prepared ground. She hosed it off sometimes, and it drained itself. It wasn’t cheap, but given that she didn’t have to mow, water, reseed or fertilize, it would pay for itself in eight years. And then there was the peace of mind, the quiet and the conservation of water.” Wallace Stegner writes about his experience with installing an artificial grass lawn in his backyard.
The variety of options is endless, “You can get synthetic lawn that’s late-summer long or putting-green short or somewhere in between. You can get dark green or light green, depending on the kind of grass that grows near you. You can even choose the color of the springy underlayer. Ours has variegated strands ― some dark, some light ― and looks especially real.” Southern Californian grass likes to grow a light green and yellow color, and of course wouldn’t look natural without a little brown in it. Purchase-Green has an option for that! Just check out their Nature’s Sod Line.
Stegner continues to say, “The best part? No pouring clean water onto the grass. No burning gasoline to mow it. No fertilizer running into the sea.” Think of all the extra time and money you will have at your disposal. This miracle grass will pay for itself!
A woman who also made a comment on the article said, “People will stop and stare and say how magnificent your lawn is. And you don’t have to tell anyone it’s fake. I always do, in the same way I blurt out that the dress I’ve been complimented on cost $19. But you can just let people think you have a very green thumb, and a silent, invisible mower. You can act like a girl in a real designer dress, and just say thank you.” Purchase-Green’s grass gives you the freedom because it does look so unbelievably real.
To see the full article, here is the link:

Posted on January 30, 2012

Rebates for Homeowners with Artificial Grass! MAKE $$ on your lawn!

Rebate programs for homeowners with artificial grass lawns are now being offered in many states nationwide! Including but not limited to California, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and New Mexico! If you are located in any of these states, click on your state and the website will tell you just how to claim your much deserved CASH. (Link below!) Contractors, this is a great way to sell your clients on artificial grass! By showing them just how much water they can save, and how much money they can save and even better how to MAKE MONEY on their lawn!
The average residential single-family home water bill in the United States equates to about $50-$80. Other yard maintenance, including weeding and mowing can make these monthly costs even higher. With an artificial grass lawn, a household can save on these costs altogether, while helping the environment. In the course of a year, a household can save approximately $12,000 just by converting to an artificial grass lawn. Aside from the financials, artificial grass’ ability to conserve water plays an important part in overall water conservation as a whole. Artificial grass lawns save an average of 22,000 gallons of water a year! Maintaining a natural grass lawn can be costly, both monetarily and environmentally. The solution to these unnecessary costs is Purchase Green Artificial Grass. Natural grass depletes our soil of nutrients, while also guzzling our limited fresh water resources. Save your money, save the world and put money in your pocket again. With Purchase-Green Artificial Grass, you can’t go wrong!

Click here to check out the rebates offered in your state:

Another link to help you on your way!

If you choose to remove some of your irrigated turf grass to reduce your outdoor water use, you can receive $1 or more per square foot of removed turf to reward you for doing your part to save water in Southern California.

Participating providers:
-Golden State Water Company in Three Valley Municipal Water District (serves cities of Claremont, San Dimas, La Verne, Pomona, and Charter Oak)
-Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (serves Los Angeles and surrounding areas)
-Pasadena Water and Power (serves Pasadena and surrounding areas)
-30 other Upper San Gabriel Valley Water District water providers (click link for full list)

Posted on December 13, 2011