Believe it or not, there are ten kinds of yarn we use in our different artificial grass rolls. Each yarn has its own blade shape and set of attributes that contribute to our wide variety of grasses.

The yarn types are differentiated by their shape. You may be asking, “Alright, just how many shapes are we talking about here? There can’t be THAT many.” But, in fact, there are ten!


Kicking it off with the ol’ tried-and-true. The classic. 

If you simply want a lawn that looks amazing and is an environmentally-friendly, water-savings option that isn’t going to endure tremendous foot traffic, the Flat yarn is perfect. Find it in our Southwestern Sod Light artificial grass rolls.



Our ground-breaking, next-generation Willow yarn is the first truly non-directional yarn. Wear patterns? Willow has never heard of those.You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better all-around performer than the Willow yarn. It was created to replicate baseball fields–so it’s got great toughness, durability and feel. What that means for you in a landscape or playground setting is that the Willow yarn will stand up to whatever you throw at it. Willow works hard, so you can play hard.


A Stem yarn is similar to a Flat yarn with one key difference–a stem running the length of the blade which enhances memory and performance.Our Stem grasses are made with Thiolon yarns. Thiolon is a brand of stem yarn that has been around for decades–and has long been recognized as the best yarn in the world when it comes to performance and memory. Thiolon yarns have a fibrous stem that responds to heat by stiffening. Unroll any artificial grass rolls of Southwestern Sod or Nature’s Sod 90, and you can literally watch the blades begin to stand up as the fibers absorb heat from the sun and stiffen.


You know what they say about diamonds. Well, our Double-Diamond yarn is everybody’s best friend. And it’s exclusively found in our Fescue Supreme artificial grass rolls.The Double-Diamond shape is the result of the very latest in yarn extrusion technology. This creates a very durable grass that boasts an extremely soft and pleasant feel. Because of these features, grasses with Double-Diamond shaped yarn are truly multipurpose and will perform great just about anywhere.


The V-shape yarn found in our Vista line is one of our most popular and successful yet. The V-shape is undoubtedly one of the best performers on the market due to its strength in memory and durability. Not only does it hold up under traffic, it looks natural doing it! The Vista grasses have a beautiful vibrant lime green bi-color quality and look freshly mowed and healthy.


The ‘S’ in S-shape stands for soft. Not really, but it is known for its exceptionally soft feel, great performance, and virtually no shine.Purchase Green’s S-fiber is unique in two regards. First, our S fiber has virtually zero shine whatsoever because it receives an anti-luster treatment at the factory prior to being tufted. Second, our S fiber is softer than the competition. We achieved this by improving the denier. We even named our Nature’s Sod Plush grass after the amazing feel. A thicker blade means better performance. In fact, the only thing left in common between our S and the competitions is the shape.


If we’re still talking abbreviations, I guess you could say ‘C’ stands for cool. That doesn’t just mean that our C-shape grass is really awesome (which it is), but it actually stays cooler than other blade types. 10-20% cooler to be exact.How does it do this? Well, the C-shaped fiber helps to reduce the surface temperature of the grass by diverting ultraviolet rays from the shorter curled fibers where heat can be trapped–that’s what we call Cool Yarn technology, baby!C-Shape grasses in our Eco line such as Eco Olive 80 are a good choice for those looking for a grass that looks real, stays cooler and offers admirable durability.


On the topic of Cool Yarn, our U-Shape yarn is the best-performing Cool Yarn technology, available in our Marathon grasses.Interestingly, the same curvaceous property that keeps the U-shape from getting as warm as other grasses also helps its resiliency. Nature knows best and the U-shape, when you think about it, is really an arch. In Utah, nature’s own arches have been standing for millions of years – a testament to the power of the U-Shape!With U-shaped yarns, you’ll get a tall, cool grass ideal for low traffic landscape applications and pet areas. The U-shape is simply terrific at reflecting away heat while also offering a very realistic aesthetic.


Have you ever met someone who was just so naturally good at everything it just wasn’t fair? Well, that’s Mini-W yarn. A jack of all trades. A Renaissance yarn.As in the look and feel departments, the Mini-W was engineered to blend together the most desirable attributes of other yarns. It may not be the best yarn in any one particular category, but in all categories it is very, very good.Mini-W yarn is one of the best in the industry. It has outstanding memory and, with the proper amount of infill to suit your expected foot traffic, is a highly-durable grass. The Mini-W yields an excellent, high-quality, very natural looking product that is exceptionally hearty. You can find it in our Arizona grasses.


Hollow? This grass is hollow? Why? In addition to getting that Cool Yarn technology, the Hollow shape combines durability and performance while simultaneously allowing for transpiration of moisture contained in the hollow spine.No other yarns at Purchase Green feature anything quite like the Hollow yarn. It’s a remarkable feat, and the results are plainly obvious – a beautifully cheery green grass that looks real, feels great and stays cool. The Hollow yarn likes to aim for the sweet spot. It will handle a medium amount of traffic, it will produce a medium shine, and it’s right in the middle on price. Right now, the only grass with the Hollow shape is our Diamond Cool 50, but we’re hoping to add more!And there you have it! Those were the ten yarn types you can currently find in our artificial grass rolls! Whew. What a ride. Thanks for coming along!If you want to learn more about all these different grasses, feel free to contact us and ask any questions or tell us about your project. We’re happy to help!

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