Installing artificial grass can be a confusing and overwhelming experience for any first-time installer. Purchase Green offers a wide range of infill, each one tailored for a specific installation. Infill is very important to every artificial grass installation as it does three things, 1. It weighs down the turf, this prevents the turf from looking like carpet that needs to be stretched when it expands and contracts during the different weather seasons. 2. It provides memory, after hours of foot traffic on the grass; the infill will help it prevent from looking matted down. And 3. Infill protects the turf’s backing! Some artificial grass companies will tell you that infill is not necessary, they are wrong!

Now a good rule of thumb is the higher the grit, the smaller the infill particle. So a 30 grit infill is going to be much smaller than a 16 grit infill. Because the fibers are curled a lot tighter in a putting green, we always recommend using a 30 grit infill. Depending on the lawn installation, we recommend a 12/20 grit mix, a 16/30 mix or a 16 grit infill. Purchase Green currently offers four types of infill. First is our MellowFill. This is our highest quality infill option so it is a little pricier than our other options. Next is our Silica Sand option, although it is our least expensive option, Silica sand is highly absorbent so when pets go to the bathroom on it, the odor is very noticeable, very quickly. Silica sand is best for a home or area that does not have pets. This infill is also available in a green color. And lastly, Purchase green offers a mixed infill, it is a mix of silica sad and rubber infill. Rubber is typically not recommended because it does get considerably hot during the summer months. Some installers prefer using a rubber/sand mix infill Purchase Green likes to carry it. Of course, any questions about which infill you should use can be answered by a Purchase Green representative.

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