We’ve been decked out in holiday decor and festive outfits for the past few weeks now, and we are so excited for it to finally be Christmas! Last week, Purchase Green had a company-wide employee training, and boy was it FESTIVE. In each little Zoom box, employees were dressed to the nines – the nines being some of the wackiest Christmas sweaters you’ve ever seen. One special Sales & Service Support Center employee sported a full-on Christmas tree costume (see the video below to know who I’m talking about.) There were reindeer antlers and elf ears galore as the team discussed our 2020 in review and our plans for 2021.

Getting in on the holiday spirit was an awesome way for our team members to feel like we’re celebrating together, even though we’re all spread out. Hopefully, that same festive spirit can bring everyone together, as some people can’t celebrate together physically. And you’ve heard it before as we’ve heard it a million times: “things look a little different this year.” Yes, things are different this year, but there’s always room for new traditions, new ways of celebrating, new ways of spreading Christmas cheer.

So, while we Zoom’ed our employee training, that interconnectedness of the holiday season was still there. We laughed at everyone’s ridiculous costumes, we sang Christmas carols (out of sync because – well – Zoom), and we engaged in some friendly festive competition (shout-out PG San Jose for hitting it out of the park with your holiday cheer).

From all of us at Purchase Green, we wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year.