Synthetic turf. Fake lawn. At Purchase Green we call it artificial grass. Whichever way you choose to describe it, there’s one constant – each and every grass we create at Purchase Green is awesome! We love it and we know you’ll love it too. But why? What’s so great about fake grass?

Synthetic Turf Looks Incredible

When it comes to your lawn, being a little superficial is okay by us. And with synthetic turf from Purchase Green, your yard will look like a million bucks all year long. We carry so many amazing grasses – way more than anyone else – so that means we have something just for you that will look fantastic in your front yard or back yard…or both!

Synthetic Grass Saves Water

With much of the western United States in a prolonged and severe drought, the cost and use of water is something we should all be concerned with. In California, the water savings from a synthetic lawn can be in the neighborhood of hundreds of thousands of gallons. The great thing about artificial grass is that it always save water, even when we’re not in a drought.

Artificial Lawns Save Money

Yeah right, sure, whatever. You’d be forgiven for thinking that. After all, getting artificial grass does require an upfront investment. But when you start adding up the money saved by slashing your water bill, no longer buying fertilizers and pesticides, no longer buying gas for your lawn mower and, for some, no longer needing to pay a gardener…well, then, suddenly you start to see actual savings. And it doesn’t take long for your grass to start paying for itself.

Artificial Grass Performs Beautifully

At Purchase Green we carry over two dozen varieties of grasses just for landscape purposes because everyone has his or her own reason for wanting to install artificial grass. And for each reason there’s an expectation that the grass will do what it’s supposed to. So if you want it just for aesthetics, we have grasses for that. If you want it for tackle football, we have grasses for that too. Each of our grasses is a star performer.

Synthetic Turf Feels Amazing

You’d think, since it’s fake grass, it would feel, well, fake. Au contraire! That is why we love to give away free samples and why we always encourage people to visit our stores. When you get a chance to see – and feel – our grasses for yourself, you might think you stumbled into a sod shop. Not only do our grasses look like the real deal, the texture and feel is incredible. Some of our grasses are so soft, like our California PRO, you might find yourself choosing it over the EZ chair for a Sunday afternoon nap.

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