For a great many of us, the transition from Summer to Fall is the most anticipated time of the year. Reunions with loved ones beckon. Holidays and foods fill us with a warm sense of nostalgia. And cooler weather invites families to warm themselves by the fireplace.

Autumn is a time of transition. Trees take on a glorious glow. Animals retire to their dens or migrate away. And for people, homes become a canvas for holiday decorating.

Fall is also a great time to transition to a synthetic grass lawn – especially if you’re a do-it-yourselfer.

While all the leaves may be brown and the sky may be gray, your artificial grass lawn will be a beautiful, vibrant green. Aesthetically, few things are more pleasing to the eye than the gorgeous contrast of red and oranges leaves framing a lush green lawn. Making the switch to artificial grass this Fall means you can enjoy your lawn no matter the weather.

Speaking of weather, as the Autumn winds expunge the heat of the Summer, it’s the ideal time to get out in your yard and get to work. Installing artificial grass isn’t a complicated process, but it does require some labor. And the cool Fall breezes can help make it a more pleasant experience.

The best part about Fall, though, is the myriad opportunities to reunite with loved ones. And it turns out lawns, especially those in the West and Southwest, get a lot of use this time of year. From Halloween and Christmas decorating to Thanksgiving Day football games, our lawns are often important parts of family gatherings. Switching to synthetic grass this Fall means friends, family, trick-or-treaters and fellow footballers will all marvel and enjoy your impeccable new landscape.

Autumn also marks the time of year when we reflect on goodwill and a spirit of giving. Giving your family or yourself the gift of artificial grass means you can spend more time outdoors, less time doing maintenance and spreading goodwill by reducing water consumption, lawn mower emissions and landscape chemicals. Plus, after a few years, your artificial grass lawn will have paid for itself, meaning you’ll continue to reap all those benefits and have more money in the bank.

Fall is usually thought of as the time leaves begin to change from green to brown. This year, it might also be the perfect time for your lawn to go from brown back to green.

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