If you’re new to the amazing world of artificial grass you may find yourself wondering what some of the jargon means. One of the most common terms you’ll hear when researching artificial grass is face weight.


When you’re introduced to different grasses you’ll notice each has a face weight (FW). Our Bluegrass Light, for example, has a FW of 48 ounces while our Fescue Supreme has a FW of 108 ounces.

Put simply, FW is the number of ounces of grass fiber per square yard but does not account for the weight of the backing.

FW is one (but not the only) characteristic that impacts performance and durability. Grass with a higher weight may have fibers that are thicker, that are more densely stitched, or fibers that are taller…or all three.  

So if your project is intended mostly for aesthetic purposes, the face weight will be less of a consideration. Whereas if your project will experience higher foot traffic, FW should be given more consideration.

So when you begin planning your artificial grass project, let us help you choose the perfect grass to meet YOUR needs. At Purchase Green we’re always happy, helpful and happy to help!

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