Artificial grass backings are the least-often seen part of artificial grass but, one could argue, the most important.


Backings – actually a system of both a primary and a secondary backing – hold artificial grass together and impact the durability and longevity of a grass. 

At Purchase Green we use a triple-layer, woven mesh of fabric for our primary backing. 

It is through the primary backing that the yarn is sewn. The secondary backing is applied after the yarn has been woven into the primary backing. Secondary backings are typically made of latex or polyurethane, though there are some specialized exceptions. This coating acts an adhesive. It dries around the stitches to hold them in place. The amount and type of secondary backing used will vary and contribute to the life of the grass. Thicker, stronger backings have greater tuft bind. Tuft Bind is a measure of the force required to pull a stitch of blades through the backing system.

When you’re shopping for artificial grass, don’t forget to ask about the backing system! If you have any questions, call, click or visit. At Purchase Green we’re always happy, helpful and happy to help.