In our current environmental and economic climate, making the transition to turf is a responsible, attractive, and just plain smart bet, but if you live in California the pot just got a little sweeter thanks to expansions in California American Water’s rebate policy.

By increasing the rebates available to homeowners who choose to replace their water-guzzling grass lawns with sustainable synthetic turf, CAW is helping to make the ethical choice to reduce water usage easier and more affordable. Let’s take a quick glance at just how much you may be eligible to save thanks to CAW’s new guidelines.

What’s new?

Under the old turf rebate program, homeowners were eligible for up to $2,000 and commercial property owners could earn as much as $5,000 by removing their lawns. However, due to the region’s ongoing historic drought conditions, California American Water has decided to increase the rebates they offer.

Homeowners are now able to earn up to $6,000 in natural turf removal rebates while commercial non-residential customers could earn as much as $25,000-$50,000 in turf replacement. As well as increasing the dollar amounts available, CAW as increased the scope of the program and now also offers rebates for synthetic artificial turf to eligible customers.

What’s Changed?

Rich Svindland, VP of Operations for California American Water, said, “With the current drought conditions, we’re encouraging customers to choose their home landscape wisely so that it will help conserve more water in the long run.”

Up until now, CAW has hesitated to embrace synthetic turf as a first-choice alternative; now they’ve seen the light and approved rebates for those choosing to install a synthetic lawn, as long as that lawn is installed by a certified contractor and has a minimum 10 year warranty or lifespan.

Why Now?

In Los Angeles County, watering is now limited to two days a week for no longer than 15 minutes per station. Restaurants and bars may only serve water to customers upon request, and the watering of ornamental grass on public medians has been banned outright.

The harsh conditions this drought have imposed on everyone in California, combined with the lack of access to water many are currently experiencing, are just some of the reasons why turf removal is an ethical choice now more than ever.

How Can I Earn a Rebate?

California American Water has laid out three ground rules to determine eligibility for a turf removal rebate:

  • The rebated landscape area must replace a currently irrigated lawn with drought tolerant landscaping or synthetic turf. California American Water may inspect the premises “before” and “after” the retrofit.
  • Synthetic Turf be installed by a certified contractor and has a minimum 10 year warranty or lifespan.
  • The retrofitted landscape must be permeable to air and water to avoid run-off onto the sidewalk or driveway.

If you believe you may be eligible, contact CAW BEFORE you begin your work. Information about what rebates are available county by county can be found on their website so you can be informed before you make the switch to a sustainable, long lasting and drought tolerant synthetic lawn.