Fading are the days when you could tell the difference between synthetic grass and natural grass. Today, artificial turf can be just as beautiful as a natural lawn, but a more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly investment. It’s more versatile, too, providing for a variety of breeds unattainable with a natural lawn:

No Need For Irrigation or Maintenance

When you install artificial grass, you can forego an expensive irrigation system and can keep your monthly water bill to a minimum. With many areas of the country experiencing drought, synthetic turf is a great way to have a lush, green lawn without putting an added drain on your neighborhood water table. Artificial grass stays green all year long with very little effort on your part. A simple hosing off once a month is adequate to keep the grass looking lush all year long. Say goodbye to mowing, fertilizer, and thatching while your neighbors notice your lush yard during the heat of summer and the cool of winter.

Sculpt Your Landscaping to Fit Your Needs

Unlike natural grass, artificial grass gives a homeowner or landscaper the ability to hand-pick a specific style of grass for a plot of land. With natural grass however, the styles of grass that can grow on a particular plot of land is limited by the natural soil, sun and water conditions. In some circumstances, the soil surrounding a plot of land may lack nutrients, and it may make growing a particular breed of grass nearly impossible. Artificial grass is esthetically more versatile than natural grass, and its year-long appeal is not contingent on weather or local ecology.


Natural lawns can only sustain a small amount of animal feces before becoming discolored. If you are an animal owner, yellow spots and ditches will spot your natural lawn. Artificial grass however is pet-friendly, and it offers animal owners the opportunity to give their pets free-range of the lawn while maintaining a lush yard. Artificial turf is very thick, and therefore challenging for animals to dig through, and it’s resistant to discoloration. Artificial lawns make yard health and clean appearance possible for pet owners, while natural lawns do not offer pet owners that flexibility.

Artificial grass is more versatile than natural grass, and luckily, it’s easy to find too!

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