Purchase Green’s puppy pads are an effective training solution for new puppies. Many owners have found great success in training their dogs and puppies with artificial grass pads. Whether your dog is an inside or outside pet, Purchase Green’s puppy pads are a very efficient way to train your dog to go to the bathroom in the same area every single day. No more searching around the yard for poo! If your dog is an inside pet, the artificial grass pad is much more visually appealing then a paper patch that you buy at the drug store. The Purchase Green puppy pads are also reusable! The pads will need to be cleaned obviously, but a quick hose off in the back yard and its good as new! Paper puppy pads from the store need to be replaced a couple times a day and can be quite expensive. An artificial grass puppy pad will actually help you SAVE MONEY. Who doesn’t love to save money? I mean come on! Each artificial grass puppy pad by Purchase Green can be reused for years, most of our products last up to 20 years with proper care and maintenance. We use the same artificial grass in our puppy pads as we do in our artificial grass installations so you’re still getting the same, high quality product. Potty training puppies, just like kids, do require a bit of effort and extra attention. But once the puppy is trained, you’re good to go! The dog will actually prefer to go to the bathroom on the artificial grass pad rather than anywhere else. Purchase Green loves to create products that save their customers money and make life a little bit easier for them. Our artificial grass can do that, and so can our artificial grass puppy pads. The puppy pads can be purchase on our e-commerce site, purchasegreen.com, they are available in a couple different sizes so make sure you check out the picture and the size description to see which size pad will work best for you.