California is in a drought and that has been brewing for years. So much so that in 2014, California Governor Jerry Brown declared an emergency and implored the residents and business owners of his state to reduce their water consumption activities by 20%.  Here are some of the top ways California waste water:

#1 Large lawn fountains

Fountains may look nice in your yard, but unless they recirculate the water, they can waste over 300 gallons an hour. Outdoor water fountains also lose a lot of water through evaporation. By changing to a recirculating water pump or limiting the time the fountain is on, you can save thousands of gallons of water each day. The fountain’s architecture will still be on display while being environmentally-friendly.

#2 Washing off pavement

Unless your driveway or sidewalk has unsanitary material on its surface, save the water that you would use to wash off these pathways, and just sweep away the dirt and debris to keep it clear. If it is essential that you wash these outdoor areas, quickly rinsing off the contamination and immediately turning off the hose when you’re done will cut the amount of water you may waste. Also, installing a shut-off nozzle can drastically reduce the amount of water used since an average hose without a shut-off nozzle can use 10 gallons of water a minute.

#3 Washing car too frequently

Car washes keep the paint on your car lasting longer, but over-washing is unnecessary and wastes over 100 gallons each time. Using a cleaning solution to clean any dirt spots or smudges will save water by spreading out the time between car washes. You can save at least 70 gallons of water each time by using a shut-off nozzle while washing your car at home. If you want to save even more water, going to a commercial car wash can achieve this by washing your car faster and more efficiently. This alternative also prevents chemical runoff from getting into rivers and streams since commercial car washes empty the water into the sewer.

#4 Leaky faucets

Over 13%

of the water used on a daily basis is from water leaks. Dripping water from the sink or shower can accumulate over time and waste up to 30 gallons a day per household. Leaks will gradually get worse over time so fixing leaks around the house can stop the water when not in use. Until you can get your leak fixed, put a bucket under the spout to collect the water. You can use this water to wash dishes or water house plants.

#5 Watering lawns

Keeping a natural lawn green and healthy takes a lot of water that California doesn’t have to spare. Up to 60% of the average California family’s water use goes to outdoor activities including watering the lawn. The amount of water used to water a lawn varies by the size of the lawn, but a typical front yard can use tens of thousands of gallons of water each year.  If you still want a beautiful lawn while saving water, a synthetic lawn is a great alternative. You won’t waste any water or have to mow the lawn to keep it looking great. Purchase Green offers a variety of color and grass length options to choose from, so your lawn can look as real as natural grass with none of the hard work while saving thousands of gallons of water each month. You can save money on your water bill over time and still get the green lawn you want by investing in a synthetic lawn from Purchase Green.