Why do lawns exist? Have you ever wondered why so many of us spend so much of our free time toiling to transform a simple patch of earth into something extraordinary? What if there was an easier way – a hack, let’s say – to create a lawn so stunning it could rival the finest English gardens? And what if you never had to mow it, fertilize it or even water it?

A Little Lawn History

It used to be that having a lawn meant you had truly arrived – or more likely you were born into a life a wealth and privilege. Lawns were originally a status symbol of the aristocracy. Long before the advent of mechanized cutting machines, having a lawn required an unbelievable amount of manual labor – so only the wealthiest of people could ever consider having a lawn.

The “tapis vert” or green carpet of Versailles.

Most point to the Palace of Versailles as the origin for the modern idea of a lawn. Surrounding the palace are its famed gardens and tapis vert, or “green carpets”. In the 18th century, English gardening enthusiast attempted to replicate the green carpets of Versailles. Later, wealthy American colonists, including Thomas Jefferson, began to experiment with growing lawns on their estates. As the Industrial Revolution took hold, mechanical lawn mowers began to replace with labor-intensive scythe and made it possible for the middle class to maintain a lawn themselves.

Thomas Jefferson cultivated a lawn at Monticello.

Coupled with significant societal changes in America, such as the 40-hour work week and the expansion of suburbs, homeowners began to take particular pride in maintaining their own bit of tapis vert. In fact, following World War II, having a well-kept lawn had become an integral part of what many perceived as the American Dream.

Today, of course, lawn care is a multibillion dollar industry with every manner of machine and chemical available to keep lawns in tip-top shape. The problem, though, is that doing so requires a significant investment of money, time and water – as well as regular applications of fertilizers and pesticides.

A Better Way

A royally awesome Purchase Green lawn!

You work hard for your money and for your time. But you want a little bit of Versailles too. What if you could have a stunning lawn without sacrificing your Saturdays? What if you could have beautiful, green landscape without mowing, without watering and without toxic chemicals? The good news is you can! Artificial grass from Purchase Green means you can transform your lawn into a landscape masterpiece that would make French noblemen jealous.

Best of all, that transformation would mean no more lawnmower gasoline, no more lawn chemicals and much lower water bills. And after just a few years, your Purchase Green artificial grass lawn starts paying for itself.

Imagine having a lawn fit for a king but for a price almost anyone can afford. That’s how Purchase Green is helping homeowners “hack” their lawns to help protect the environment and spend more time with the people most important to them. Purchase Green artificial grass is the ultimate lifehack for your lawn!

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