A distant airplane. A chirping bird. Your own heartbeat. These are the only sounds that punctuate the silence. A firm yet sure tap then…nothing, as the seconds seem to become hours. Finally, the familiar “plunk” rings out and the crowd bursts into wild celebration.

It’s the dream of every golfer, to be on the 18th green at Augusta, your fate in your own hands. Sink the putt and you’re instantly a legend. Miss it and return to obscurity.

Golf always seems so simple. Just advance the ball by hitting it toward the hole. If you can do it in a few strokes less than the requisite number you could make it your career. Fame and fortune are just 70 shots away. But it’s that apparent ease that belies the true nature of golf. And at no point in the game does this become more evident than on the putting green. Towering drives and magnificent approach shots are rendered meaningless on the green. The true measure of a golfer is the humble putter, the ball and the cup.

Countless scores of golfers, gigantic off the tee, are felled by the elementary act of striking a ball straight and true on the green. Putting is the great equalizer, more often agonizing and infuriating than enjoyable. But when that ball, 15, 30, 50  feet away, rolls perfectly and lands in the bottom of the cup, there’s no other feeling quite like it. It’s what keeps golfers of all abilities coming back for more…that moment you mastered not only the course but yourself.

It’s an ancient and enduring game. And it’s one we know brings our customers joy. That’s why we set out to become masters of recreating that pure putting green experience. At thousands of homes you’ll find Purchase Green putting greens. Some simple, some elaborate. Some with light up cups, some with solar landscape lights. Whatever you can imagine, Purchase Green can help make it a reality.

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a championship-caliber putting green in your own backyard, then visit your nearest Purchase Green today. And while you may never become a professional golfer, a putting green from Purchase Green will always keep you coming back for more.

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