This article highlights the best artificial grass for sports and playgrounds, all of which can be found online or at select Purchase Green stores like our New Oklahoma City location. Read more to learn about our first Purchase Green store in Oklahoma and the incredible products they offer  

Now Serving Oklahoma Residents  

Oklahoma City is one of the best sports cities in the United States. For example, according to, it was cited as one of the top ten cities for basketball fans and the top 160 sports cities in the U.S. Additionally, the state of Oklahoma has had a robust history of athletic sports teams that has heavily influenced the local culture. Overall, sports fans and athletes call Oklahoma City home, and many have wondered if artificial grass sports fields are worth an investment when designing new recreational areas. They may also be wondering, “where can I purchase artificial grass in Oklahoma?” 

Oklahoma City Purchase Green Store Front

Purchase Green Oklahoma City

Our new Oklahoma City location is residents’ one-stop shop for all there is to know about artificial grass and materials. Purchase Green Oklahoma City is determined to showcase how incredible artificial grass sports fields and playgrounds can be. On February 21st, 2023, Purchase Green Oklahoma City opened its doors to cater to the growing demands of consumers. Purchase Green Oklahoma City services Yukon, Moore, Edmond, Newcastle, Piedmont, and other surrounding cities. The store operates from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays. Purchase Green Oklahoma City is excited to support outdoor recreational activities by helping provide the finest artificial grass products for sports and playgrounds.  

Advantages of Artificial Grass Sport Fields 

Many have wondered what the advantages of artificial grass sports fields are. There are a variety of reasons why choosing artificial grass is the optimal choice for outdoor recreational fields and playgrounds. For example, artificial grass is ready to perform throughout the sports season, regardless of weather conditions. A properly installed sports field can even perform in rain because of the superior drainage systems. Not only do athletes not have to worry about muddy and flooded fields, but they can also rest assured that the field will be rid of uneven surfaces. For instance, there will be no risk of stepping on holes, muddy spots, rough surfaces, or water puddles. Additionally, our products can last up to 20 years, and they serve as cost-effective solutions to traditional sports fields. There is no need for aeration, chemicals, fertilizing, mowing, trimming, watering, and other costly maintenance services. All our artificial grasses are backed by a competitive manufacturer warranty so consumers know their field will last for years to come. Moreover, artificial grass athletic fields have been found to reduce impact attenuation resulting in less injuries.   

Playground Artificial Turf

Best Artificial Grass for Playgrounds  

Purchase Green Oklahoma City will be equipped with a readily stocked warehouse of artificial grasses and materials. This included one of the leading artificial grasses for playgrounds, Playscape pro. Playscape Pro is a superb product for customers looking to add a realistic and low-maintenance landscape for small children and pets to play on. It features a combination of rigid and softer blades and is constructed from anti-microbial and anti-static materials. These materials keep harmful bacteria and static from building up on the grass for a more safe and more enjoyable product experience for users. Furthermore, an added benefit of this grass is its fully permeable acrylic backing meaning its fully recyclable and drains exceptionally quickly. Find out more about this artificial grass here 

Best Artificial Grass for Sports 

Purchase Green Oklahoma City is excited to also introduce one of Purchase Green’s best artificial grass products for sports applications to the Oklahoma market, Vista Sport. Purchase Green’s Vista Sport is a spectacular option for multipurpose athletic fields. This artificial grass is suitable for sports like soccer, baseball, football, and many more indoor or outdoor activities. Vista Sport requires minimal maintenance and can withstand all types of weather. Standard features of this artificial grass include realistic texture and appearance, ultraviolet resistance, durability, and the ability to drain quickly and easily. This product has noshine V-shaped grass blades that showcase an unmatched blade memory. This commercial-grade product is available in a spring bicolor (variation of lighter and darker green with little to no yellow) and includes an all-green thatch. Find out more about this artificial grass here 

Final Thoughts  

The opening of Purchase Green Oklahoma City symbolizes Purchase Green’s commitment to enhancing landscapes with sustainable solutions. The staff at Oklahoma City is determined to provide the best synthetic turf solutions to an ever-growing consumer base. They are also proud to partner with local contractors to help redefine outdoor recreational areas and residential spaces. For more information on supplies, locations, and franchise opportunities, visit  Lastly, for information about sport field installations considers visiting our knowledge base for all there is to know about sport field installations