Earlier this week we explored the benefits of installing artificial grass yourself. Now, let’s take a look at the other option – having a contractor install artificial grass for you. As in a DIY application, generally, people considering artificial grass are concerned with benefits such as reducing water consumption, saving time and energy on lawn maintenance or just simply having a great-looking lawn year-round.

As we explained, installing artificial grass yourself is certainly a project you can undertake given the right circumstances. So let’s examine the circumstances where it may be beneficial to have someone install artificial grass for you. It will cost more upfront but the long-term value you get from a professional installation is worth consideration.

Big Yards

If you have a large yard on which you plan to install artificial grass you should consider having it professionally installed. Large yards require a lot of grass and in many cases this means the installation will include multiple instances of seaming.

Seaming is the most technically-demanding part of any artificial grass installation. It is the process of joining together two or more cuts of artificial grass. Seams that are done well are invisible. Seams that are not done well are glaringly obvious. If you start seaming and are not supremely careful you may be disappointed with the finished look of your project.

Imagine rolling up a poster. We’ve all experienced misalignment when trying to execute a roll. Instead of sharp, clean edges on the rolled-up poster you wind up with paper jutting out one end. The same effect can occur with seaming your artificial grass. A little mistake in the beginning will grow exponentially as you continue.

A good installer will have seamed artificial grass many times. His or her experience will show (or, rather, not show) when the job is complete. So if seaming will be part of your installation, the extra expense of hiring a qualified contractor may prove worthwhile.

Difficult Soil

Unlike on TV or in cartoons, digging a hole often isn’t as easy as jamming your shovel into the ground. Many homeowners have to contend with very rocky soil, thick clay or soil with extensive roots systems. Proper artificial grass installations require excavation and excavating the necessary 3 inches deep in such soils can be grueling work. And if there are a lot of roots, inexperience may lead to severe consequences for surrounding plant life.

You may also encounter old stumps, large boulders, old irrigation lines or numerous other impediments. All these things have to be removed and either be repurposed or disposed of. In large yards the excavation process can yield multiple tons of soil. If you don’t have other areas of your property to put the excavated soil you’ll likely have to dispose of it.

A professional installer will take care of all of these things for you. So if you’re not inclined to do some rather challenging manual labor and/or you don’t know what to do with your excavated soil, hiring an installer for your project is probably your best option.


It’s no secret we’ve all become accustomed to getting things quickly. Thanks to technology we can access the answers to virtually any question in seconds. We can find something on Amazon and have it appear on our doorstep the next day. If you want an artificial grass lawn quickly, then hiring an installer is the way to go.

Even on a small project, going the DIY route will likely mean you’ll be spending at least several weekends prepping the site and doing the install. Most of us have regular jobs, which means the installation process is going to be spread out over what precious little free time we have.

If you’d rather not spend your evenings and weekends digging and wheelbarrowing dirt and rock, an installer can have your new artificial grass lawn ready for you to use in just a few days. Granted, every yard is different and presents varying degrees of difficulty, but an experienced installer with a good crew can make pretty short work of a job that might take you a long time to complete.

What’s Right for You?  

Figuring out whether to install artificial grass yourself or hire someone to do it for you is an important step to take. Keep in mind that a good, experienced installer will charge somewhere in the $8-$12 per square-foot range. If you do it yourself, you’re looking at a $3-$4 per square foot price. It seems like a huge difference in price but the added expense may be worth it.

Before you decide, be sure to download and read our eBook on DIY installation. The book provides insight into the realities of a DIY install and will help you make an informed decision as to whether to attempt the job yourself or hire an installer.

We’d also advise you to call or visit your local Purchase Green store. Our expert staff will be happy to answer any artificial grass-related question you may have.