The story of artificial grass goes back more than 50 years. Since the first attempt at creating a synthetic turf surface, artificial grass technology has changed dramatically. Perhaps the most significant advancements have been in the techniques for creating radical new varieties of synthetic grass yarn.

Like modern carpet fibers that have incredible texture, durability and resistance to stains, textile technology has helped Purchase Green create some amazing yarns for artificial grass. Here at Purchase Green, our favorite thing to do is help educate our customers so they get the right grass to suit their specific needs. As such, we decided to post a blog series covering the various yarn types used in Purchase Green products.

In Part 1 of our synthetic grass yarn series and Part 2 of this series, we introduced you to the Flat and Stem yarn, respectively. This time we take a look at the V-shape. The V-shape is among the strongest – and coolest – yarns we manufacture and is used in one of our most popular grass families.

The V-Shape

The V-shape was introduced by Purchase Green in January of 2014. It’s pretty cutting-edge as far as artificial grass technology goes and it’s been tremendously successful. The V-shape makes for a highly-durable, no-shine product. Our famous Vista family of grasses is made with a premium, high-denier (i.e., high density), commercial-grade V-shaped fiber.

The V-shape tends to be popular for any, all, or some combination of the following reasons:

Our V-shape grasses have a beautiful vibrant lime green bi-color quality. The tall fibers look to be fresh, late-spring blades with a strong manicured field view. The grasses look freshly mowed and healthy. All three versions have grades of visibility into the thatch zone, which provide multiple options in lightening or deepening the hues in the overall look.

The V-shape yields hybrid notes of bluegrass and a hardy fescue. In open areas or relatively rectangular shaped yards, the Vista grasses add a geometric symmetry alongside the same natural and lifelike feel we aim to imbue all our grasses with.

The V-shape fiber is one of the best performers on the market. We’ve taken that performance value and woven it into landscape grasses that are designed primarily to look amazing – but that have the added benefit of top-shelf performance.

Our Vista family of grasses gets its strength and memory from a high-denier and the V-shape. Imagine taking a piece of paper and trying to get it to stand up between two books that are laid flat holding the base in place. The paper will limp over. Now do the same with cardboard. The cardboard stands straight up because of its thickness. Now imagine taking that same piece of paper and folding it into a V-shape. The paper will stand up on its own now, even without books to hold the base. But it would collapse under very little weight. If you take that cardboard and bend it into a V-shape, it’d not only stand up without a base, but you could probably set a book on top without it collapsing. The Vista fiber works just like that. It has a high-denier, which means it’s thick and sturdy, and it’s in the shape of a V. But unlike our example, we don’t bend the yarn in the manufacturing process. It is molded that way from the get go. So we don’t weaken the stability of the yarn at the fold post-production. Rather, the yarn is shaped that way in the extrusion process from square one. The result is an amazingly realistic grass that performs as well as a sporting yarn. In fact, we produced the Vista Sport product in precisely this way.

An added bonus of the V-shape is that it’s one of our Cool Yarn grasses. Our Cool Yarn synthetic grass stays cooler than most thanks to the fact the V-shape helps reflect UV radiation away from the blade, resulting in significant temperature improvements.

Grasses featuring the V-shape: Vista Natural 65, Vista 70, Vista Natural 80, Vista Sport/Pet

In our next post, we’ll take a look the C-shape yarn.