A simple change in grass can improve your quality of life. The theory that artificial grass reduces the amount of allergens in the air is true. When artificial grass is installed in your front yard or backyard, the amount of allergens in the air is reduced significantly. Approximately one-sixth of Americans suffer with grass allergies, making it very difficult for them to enjoy outdoor sports and spend time in their own yards. Artificial grass is the perfect solution to their problems. Artificial grass is manufactured with man-made and hypoallergenic materials, usually recycled plastics. The entire composition of artificial grass is different from real grass. The main cause of grass allergies is pollen from the grass itself. This is usually at its highest during spring and summer, when grass retains more pollen due to higher pollen counts in these seasons. The most common real grass allergy triggers are Timothy, Johnson, Bermuda, Kentucky Bluegrass, Orchard, and Sweet Vernal, these are all very common in many household yards and parks. Synthetic grass does not hold onto pollen as much as these natural grasses, thus reducing risks and triggers for allergies. Lawn mowing is also a large trigger for releasing pollen into the yard and air. Since artificial turf does not require mowing whatsoever, this can further reduce the emission of pollen in your yard. Aside from the 50 million humans that suffer from grass allergies, there are also many dogs that develop grass allergies from spending time outdoors or playing in the yard. Grass allergies for dogs can trigger uncomfortable symptoms including uncontrollable scratching, wheezing, coughing, and skin rashes. Reducing pollen counts or minimizing contact through inhalation or physical touch can tremendously help with a dog’s allergies too!. For a dog, a yard should be a fun and safe place to play. For dogs with grass allergies, artificial grass proves to be the best surface and will greatly reduce allergy symptoms.

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