As a few final flurries of winter fury batter the west coast this week, Spring may seem as far away as it did in December. But in less than two weeks Spring will have officially sprung, meaning open season on lawns and landscapes (and don’t forget to set your clocks ahead before bed on March 12).

It’s a cliché that Spring signals a time when things begin anew, but the cliché endures because it rings true. For many of us, blackening our hands with rich garden soil whilst earning the year’s first sunburned neck is an annual milestone we cherish.

This year, if artificial grass is on your project list, first of all congratulations. You’ll be saving money and water while giving yourself more time to spend doing the things you love. Second, if you want a beautiful new artificial grass lawn but are looking for inspiration and ideas, allow Purchase Green to help.

With artificial grass, your landscape is your canvas. Actually, even your interior spaces can be. Artificial grass allows you to recreate pleasure of having a lush, green lawn wherever – and however – you please. Just take a look at these six incredible projects.

Home Gym

Want to build a home gym using our Eco Olive 60? This customer did!

Want to build a home gym using our Eco Olive 60? This customer did!

Indoors or outdoors, artificial grass makes a great surface for exercise. Whether training for strength, agility, speed or all of the above, an artificial grass training surface looks and performs great. A customer at our Purchase Green store in Chatsworth, Calif., recently showed us this incredible outdoor gym using our Eco Olive 60.

Stepping Up



The great thing about artificial grass is it can really go anywhere – including outdoor stairs. This artificial grass project in the Seattle area transformed ordinary stairs into something truly extraordinary.

Jump for Joy



Kids who are lucky enough to have a trampoline are often the envy of their neighborhood peers. Even cooler than a free-standing trampoline is one that is built into the ground. Not only do in-ground trampolines maximize space, they help mitigate the risk of injury. Taking things one step further, this trampoline company in the U.K. conjured this brilliant solution that instantly transforms.

A Sporty New Look



Maybe rather than outdoors, you’ve got your eye on transforming some interior living spaces this Spring. Artificial grass can be a home run inside as well as out. The ever popular man cave is often an altar to professional sports and artificial grass can be the MVP. Take a gander at this awesome example of what indoor artificial grass can do. You can really bring the big game home by using artificial grass instead of carpet!

Make Pavers Pop

escondido - image1Pavers are a tried and true hardscape solution. But if you really want to make them pop consider using artificial grass. The dramatic contrast between stone and grass looks amazing. Take your paver project from ordinary to extraordinary.

Cool Pool

Purchase Green 4If you have a swimming pool you know that chlorinated water doesn’t do natural grass any favors. Often the solution is to build a wide hardscape around the pool to keep that water off your lawn. But with artificial grass that concern becomes a thing of the past. Artificial grass is outstanding around pool areas. Not only does it look great, it’s a much better surface for running and playing than slippery concrete. If you want to give your pool a fresh look this Spring, artificial grass is a terrific idea!


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