When it comes to seaming your artificial grass installation, there are a few options for how to do it. It just depends on your particular install and preferences.

Seaming tape and glue

This method is definitely the most robust of the three, but it’s also the most expensive and labor-intensive. How does it work? Purchase Green’s seaming tape is sealed on one side. The sealed side goes face down. The non-sealed side should be face up and the glue is applied to the non-sealed side.

Using seaming tape and glue is the recommended installation method for putting greens as it provides for a clean seam without protruding nails or staples. Because putting green turf is short and dense, using tape and glue is the most effective way to beautifully seam two rolls of grass together.

But how much glue do I need? Our seaming glue comes in three sizes. Assuming you’d be using a 12″ wide seaming tape, the 5-gallon bucket is good for 250 linear feet of seaming, the 1-gallon bucket is good for 50 feet, and the 29 oz tube is good for 13 feet.

Say you decide to go the tape and glue way, when it comes time for the installation, you may be surprised to see the installer using sod staples and nails to seam the turf. Well, wait just a minute. Why are they using staples and nails when I decided on tape and glue?

Some things are only temporary. The installer will typically also use sod staples or nails to hold the seam in place while the glue is curing. This allows the installer to move on with the installation without risk of disrupting the seam. The staples and nails provide your short-term hold while the tape and glue provide your long-term hold.

Sod staples and nails

Speaking of staples and nails, if you’re going for easy and inexpensive, this option could be for you. With nails, it’s quick and easy to seam your artificial grass, but it won’t be as robust as using glue and tape.

If you’re curious, here’s a quick video about the difference between installing with nails and staples and installing with tape and glue.

Double-sided industrial tape

This seaming method is popular in places like Las Vegas, Dallas and Phoenix since it’s more suited to hot climates. Why? The hotter it is, the better the tape will bond.

Double-sided industrial tape is also great for temporary installations, such as trade shows and patio parties. If you’re installing over concrete or asphalt, this is a super effective option.

If it works with your project, you could also use this tape with nails and staples for added strength.

In Conclusion…

The seaming process is super important to ensuring you get a clean-looking artificial lawn. We hope that this breakdown of the options helps you make the best decision for your project. But with any project, there are a number of factors to take into account, so feel free to contact your local Purchase Green store to figure out what will be best for you!