The perceived cost of an artificial lawn installation is often the reason people avoid going the artificial route. At first glance it may appear to be a very expensive and confusing process. However, the cost savings associated with a synthetic lawn installation nearly immediately begin offsetting your investment and within 3 years, will have covered the complete cost of your investment. Additionally, there are ways to lower your entire artificial lawn cost – and in large part it is driven by choosing the right artificial lawn product for your application from the right supplier. Low traffic applications do not need incredibly dense grasses, as well as high traffic areas can’t survive with a low quality product.

Synthetic lawns don’t need to be mowed. This is one of the main reasons why many commercial companies chose to make the switch and a important reason for residential homeowners to consider having artificial grass installed. When you think of how many hours you spend mowing your lawn in the summertime, or all year if you’re in a southern climate, imagine having those hours back to do what you want with them. Synthetic lawns also do not need to be watered, saving you money on water costs and sprinkler systems.

The best way to dive into this process is to talk to an artificial grass expert, or a highly experienced and knowledgable distributor. They will be able to help you decide which grass is going to work well for your geographical area as well as your foot traffic demands. Purchase Green staff members are all very knowledgable on their grasses and are able to make a grass recommendation.

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