If you’re looking to buy artificial grass but have a tighter budget, have no fear! In addition to having low-cost grasses such as Ground Cover or Bluegrass Light, Purchase Green also offers remnants and shorts at steeply discounted prices. This is an effective way to get cheap artificial grass.

What are remnants and shorts?

Artificial grass remnants are pieces of artificial grass left over when a roll is cut to a particular size and/or when artificial grass is trimmed to fit during an installation. Our artificial grass remnants come in all manner of shapes and sizes.

A short is a roll of artificial grass that is shorter than when it left the factory. This happens when a customer orders a certain amount of artificial grass, and what’s left on the roll we sell as a short. Shorts are just like regular rolls of artificial grass, only shorter.

Why are these cheaper? Is there something wrong with them?

No, there’s nothing wrong with these grasses. There are a few reasons why these cuts of grass are cheaper. The Purchase Green Product Warranty does not cover “remnant” sales and such sales are specifically sold “as-is”. Being sold “as-is” means that we won’t cut them at the store for the customer. Each remnant a customer purchases will have to be picked up and taken as it comes. Our remnants come in all shapes and sizes, so choose a remnant that will be manageable to work with for your project. 

In addition to being sold “as-is” and without a warranty, these discounted products  MUST be picked up at the store selling them. You can purchase the remnants online but must collect them from the store. Say you find a 30 sq. ft. remnant of Arizona Pro being sold at our Escondido store. You can purchase that remnant on the website (at less than half the original price in this case) and would have to pick it up in-store and take it as-is.

So, when looking for remnants, be sure to look at locations you can easily get to. And don’t be afraid to ask for more information about the different remnants! Even if your options seem slimmer going the remnant route, our PG team is always happy to help you find the best grass for you!