Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. The three magic R’s aimed for a better, greener tomorrow. Artificial grass is manufactured specifically for people who are enthusiastic for a green future. Purchase Green shares the same enthusiasm and wants to share how artificial grass can put these three R’s in practice.

REDUCE. Artificial grass reduces the amount of water used. Reduces the amount of chemicals in the air. And reduces the environmental impact of natural grass. Artificial grass also helps consumers reduce the amount of money they spend on utilities, maintenance supplies and other hidden natural turf costs.

REUSE. We hear all the time how homeowners are turning their artificial grass lawns into outdoor rug areas and puppy potty pads. Instead of having a gross, smelly, and ugly white disposable pad in the corner of your house for your puppy to use, imagine him having a small grass are to use. It looks a lot better than your disposable pad and is reusable! All you need to do is wash it about once a week, just hose it off! How crazy easy is that!

RECYCLE. Artificial grass recycling companies are popping up everywhere! Turf recycling is the easiest and fastest way to get rid of your grass and recycle it. By having your used artificial grass recycled, you’re not only helping the Earth stay green, but also helping provide an artificial grass solution at a heavily discounted price for homeowners and contractors. Recycling becomes even more successful when a sports field or a park’s turf is recycled.

Purchase Green’s artificial grass is a product aimed to provide people with an opportunity to save money, save their environment and help people take an active approach to a greener tomorrow. The benefits truly outweigh the price and at the price Purchase Green sells it at, it’s a steal.

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