Here at Purchase-Green, every so often we come across a project that makes a real impact in our area. We were so excited to participate in the renovation of the children’s play area at Alegria, a center sponsored by The Salvation Army that provides an emergency shelter for homeless families, a residential care facility for the terminally ill and intensive child development services. We were able to install a beautiful, low maintenance lawn area for the after school programs children and younger residents to play on. As our company expands, we are so grateful to participate in more and more of these heart-warming projects.
“The Salvation Army Alegria provides health, housing, and child development services to homeless families with special needs, including residents with chronic illnesses such as HIV/AIDS. The goal is to not just help these families survive, but give them the resources to live dignified, hopeful lives, as well.
Alegria’s location in downtown Los Angeles opened in 2003 and includes 18 units of emergency housing for homeless families with special need. Services are provided in partnership with the Department of Mental Health, Department of Social Services, and the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.
Alegria provides essential healthcare, housing, and child development services in an environment where families can stay together without the stigma attached to homelessness, mental health conditions, and HIV/AIDS. At The Salvation Army Alegria, the mission is to keep families together in health and in spirit.” (

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