Purchase-Green’s artificial grass provides many advantages over natural grass when it comes to sporting events such as baseball, football, golf, lacrosse, rugby, field hockey, soccer and softball. A big perk is that artificial grass can be used at any time of any day throughout any season of the year.Many local sports fields as well as many professional stadiums have installed Purchase-Green’s artificial grass in recent years. The general consensus is very positive. Even the worldwide soccer association, FIFA, has recognized its advantages. Whether the field is being hit by a heat wave or subzero temperatures, it is usable. Purchase-Green’s artificial grass has a drainage system built underneath so that they are playable after, or even during, a rainstorm. Besides the superb amount of availability, artificial grass sports fields are cost-effective. Purchase-Green’s artificial grass is a low maintenance product and does not require aeration, chemicals, fertilizing, mowing, trimming, watering, weeding out, and other maintenance activities that may cost a fortune. Purchase-Green’s artificial grass is also long-lasting; most products built to last 20+ years with proper care. Purchase-Green’s grasses currently have a manufacturer’s warranty of 8 years. When I mention durability over time, I also mean durability throughout a daily beating of action sports (with cleats). Artificial grass is a neat product and very easy to clean after use. Rain takes care of washing it for you. The cushion, non-abrasiveness and softness of these artificial grass athletic fields considerably reduce the impact attenuation and therefore reduce the amount of player injuries. The surface is graded and there are no risks of stepping on erosion areas, holes, muddy spots, rough surfaces, or water puddles.