Southwestern Sod is a beautiful, soft olive bi-color artificial lawn product. This product is designed to mimic natural grasses in the southwestern states. It is made from a premier yarn – that provides excellent memory without sacrificing the comfort that comes with a very soft polyethylene fiber. This grass is designed for medium traffic artificial lawn applications. It would make for a beautiful front yard or back yard! This product has a face weight of 61 oz per sq yard. *This is product is a STOCKING DEALER EXCLUSIVE and only sold through distribution in some markets.*
The Southwestern Sod Light is an excellent light traffic artificial grass designed to mimic the yellow-green look of grasses found in southwestern states such as CA, AZ, NV, etc. This artificial grass is an olive bi-color with a yellow and green thatch. It is a 51 oz face weight artificial turf. This product would be an excellent value choice for your front or back yard.
Soutwestern Sod SPORT is an excellent olive bi-color artificial grass product. This product was specifically designed for sporting applications where the consumer doesn’t want to use the 8lbs to 10lbs per sq ft of infill that is tradionally used with artificial sports turfs. It is an excellent choice for indoor soccer arenas, agility training areas, batting cages, as a golf fringe, etc. This product is made from the same yarn as our Southwestern Sod – but done in a very low pile height (1.125″, 28mm) – to provide a very dense, artificial grass playing surface. While more expensive than a traditional sports turf – the total installation cost is much less because you would use no more than 1 to 2 lbs per sq ft of infill. It is also an excellent choice for a dog run! This product has a face weight of 52 oz per sq yard and comes with a triple layer primary backing for added durability.

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