Purchase Green is proud to announce its partnership with VersaCourt and the introduction of a new product line. VersaCourt and Purchase Green are both proud members of The Recreational Group, the leading provider of recreational surfacing products. Together, both sister companies can provide homeowners with the ideal surfacing solutions for their individual needs. Find out below about the wonderful opportunities VersaCourt offers.

What is VersaCourt?

VersaCourt is an interlocking tile system used for outdoor and indoor sports activities. This consistently flat surface is made possible by a 4-point injection mold with 24 connectors. VersaCourt is created from a special blend of high-impact copolymer polypropylene, UV stabilizers, and color pigments that result in a fade-resistant and non-slip product. VersaCourt can also maintain its structural integrity for over 25 years.

VersaCourt Products




GAME OUTDOOR TILES - surfacing solutions

Designed for outdoor sport-related activity, this robust product offers exceptional outdoor performance. Game Outdoor Tiles are best used for tennis, pickleball, shuffleboard, and basketball courts. These tiles are ITF certified and designed to allow water to run off efficiently. Athletes can expect consistent ball bounce, made possible by the seamless playing surface. Athletes are also protected by built-in shock absorption technology designed to mitigate injury, as well as lateral forgiveness technology that allows movement between tiles to reduce joint impact.




Game Compete - surfacing solutions

Ideal for applications relating to roller hockey, basketball, skating, volleyball, and skateboarding. These resilient tiles require little to no maintenance to deliver exceptional performance. Compete Indoor Tiles offer shock and noise dampening properties that help facilitate the athlete’s activity. Uniform surfacing solutions allow for enhanced playability and the scuff-resistant maintains the look and feel of the product.




 Speed Outdoor Tiles - surfacing solutions

Designed for outdoor roller sports, this patented design offers exceptional wheel grip and traction. Speed outdoor tiles are constructed to drain and dry quickly, preventing water-related slips and falls. Hockey players will appreciate the floor’s low puck friction resulting in improved glide. This UV-resistant tile is the ideal choice for athletes seeking a product with dependable performance and protection.

 Why invest in VersaCourt surfacing solutions

VersaCourt is dedicated to making sure installations are carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible. Support is provided at all stages of the installation process to help keep investments lasting for years to come. Installation is also made easy by VersaCourt’s ability to assemble every order within their warehouse. At these warehouses, all requested design elements are implemented, and each section is numbered to simplify the installation process.

One unique feature of doing business with VersaCourt is the customization and personalization opportunities offered. For example, orders can include custom designs, colors, and logos. Additionally, all VersaCourt products are US-manufactured. Customers can also expect to work with one of VersaCourt’s in-house designers to help bring dream projects to life.

For more information on court customization visit our helpful Court Designer.

Unlike traditional flooring, VersaCourt will not require regular maintenance or experience cracking. In addition, cleaning is made easy by utilizing a leaf blower or a garden hose to clean the desired area.


Overall, Purchase Green is excited to share the vast possibilities that VersaCourt offers. Find out more about our VersaCourt product line by visiting: https://www.purchasegreen.com/solutions/versacourt/





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