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As it drags on into its fourth year, the historic drought in California is impacting millions of homeowners across the Golden State. One of the biggest casualties of the drought is that time-honored symbol of California suburban living, the lawn.

The drought has also resulted in increased media attention directed toward alternatives to the traditional lawn, like lawn painting and artificial grass. This video posted at The Guardian is an example of that increased media attention.

The video features commentary from Lawn Kings owner and Purchase Green partner, Steve Rice, a synthetic lawn specialist who’s been helping homeowners in hot and dry outlying Los Angeles suburbs like Castaic and Valencia adapt to drought conditions by replacing their lawns with synthetic grass.

As American as Ice Tea and 4th of July

“The American Dream is to sit out on the front porch and drink a cup of ice tea, celebrate the 4th of July, say ‘hi’ to the neighbors. So there’s a lot of pride that goes into the appearance of your home,” explains Roman Lara, a busy lawn painter who also appears in the video.

Having a lush, green lawn to relax and spend hot summer days reclining on may be as California as sunshine and swimming pools, but watering a 1,000 square foot lawn requires about 350 gallons of water.

In many parts of Southern California, maintaining a green lawn requires twice-daily watering, something that’s simply not viable under current conditions.

And while some homeowners ignore restrictions enacted by California governor Jerry Brown and continue to water their lawns, others abide by restrictions, only to watch as their once-beautiful lawns dry up and turn brown.

“You don’t want the value of your house to go down and that’s what’s going to happen if you have nothing but dead grass in your yard,” explains Lisa Gipti, one of the homeowners featured in the video.

Saving Water with Artificial Grass

But as we see in the video, for a growing number of Southern Californians like Gipti, synthetic grass is becoming an increasingly viable option for saving water while maintaining the resale value of their home.

“It looks great and now I don’t have to worry about dead grass. I don’t have to worry about violating the water restrictions and I’m going to save tons of water,” says Gipti.

With more homeowners exploring greener alternatives to the water-guzzling maintenance required of natural grass, artificial lawn specialists like Rice are in demand.

There’s no clear indication that California’s drought is going to end anytime soon. But as long as it does drag on, artificial grass specialists like Lawn Kings and Purchase Green will continue working to enable Californians to conserve water while maintaining the aesthetic and resale value of their homes by installing artificial grass.

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Posted on August 25, 2015