Let’s face it, kids these days play rough. Our little guys think they’re INVINCIBLE! As parents of Purchase-Green ourselves, we wanted to create a product with our mini-superheroes in mind. Ladies and Gentlemen, the staff at Purchase-Green would like to introduce to you our New 10mm Shock Pad! Application of a shock pad under artificial grass is great for backyards as well as school’s sports fields and playground areas. With a 40% shock absorption rate, our high performance shock pad provides a top-notch cushioned barrier for maximum impact attenuation. Purchase-Green’s 10mm shock pad also features excellent water permeability, dimensional stability and an outstanding ball performance. This three layer product consists of a polyurethane flexible foam, rubber and a double-face thermal bonded PET reinforced layer. Protecting what we care about most, your peace of mind and the noggins of our little ones.