Purchase Green Artificial Grass, a local-market distributor of turf goods and services, announces a September 1st opening of their 3rd market distribution center – strengthening their already substantial nationwide distribution network.

As the demand for synthetic turf steadily increases and the challenges with overseas shipping and logistics continue, keeping a step ahead has been critical to Purchase Green’s success. The NorCal center will support ongoing improvements to logistical operations, shrinking the gap between the company’s Master Distribution Center in Southern California and 27 retail locations across 8 states, as well as dozens of dealers and installers nationwide.


Anthony Vena, CEO and Co-Founder of Purchase Green Artificial Grass, states:

As the adoption of turf continues to grow and to better support our existing customer base and store network in Northern California, we are pleased to announce the opening of another local sales office and market distribution center. This addition will help us to better serve our contractor base in West Sacramento, and expedite restocks for our 2 existing company stores and 5 franchises in the market, as well as support future store growth in the Northwest.”

The opening of the West Sacramento Center marks a major milestone for the organization, having begun as a startup with only one small warehouse in La Verne, CA. Now, there are over two dozen Purchase Green locations – plus a mix of showrooms, business offices, and one call center.

After being acquired by Controlled Products in 2019, Purchase Green outlined some big goals for expansion. In the 12 months ending in July 2021, 7 new locations were launched, a combination of corporate-owned and franchised. The second half of  2021 looks equally promising with 2 more stores and a 4th distribution center planned to open. This will not be the last time we hear from Purchase Green.

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