Among the many new uses artificial grass has found, some of the most popular are found in pet areas, including puppy pads. These squares of grass are perfect for apartments, offices, pet spas, kennels, and anywhere outdoor pet relief space is limited or unavailable. They’re also a popular aid in housebreaking puppies. If you’re considering getting a puppy pad, here’s a quick breakdown of their benefits and maintenance considerations you should be aware of.

Puppy pads

How Puppy Pads Work

Puppy pads consist of two major components: the grass and the absorption pad. The grass you apply to the pad can be any you choose, but we always recommend choosing a short pile height and high density to ensure ease of clean-up.

Our absorption pads come in two varieties: the standard pad and the Enviropad. Both are designed to prevent odors and the build-up of microbes, while also sporting a high absorption capacity. However, standard puppy pads aren’t reusable, whereas Enviropads can be washed and reused up to 300 times. For this reason, we typically recommend Enviropads as the most cost-effective solution for long-term puppy pad use.

How to Maintain Puppy Pads

Puppy pads are easy to maintain. The disposable pad version requires only the grass component to be regularly washed, while the Enviropad option requires both the pad and the grass to be regularly washed. In both cases, the frequency of washing can be as few as two or three times per month. We recommend using vinegar or soap on the Enviropads and a specially-designed turf cleaner, like Turf Bomb, on the turf.

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