In any yard, there’s always some chance you’ll have to deal with weeds or critters, sometimes both! If you’re worried what that may mean when considering installing artificial grass, we have a few solutions to help keep those invasive flora and fauna as far away as possible.

While there is no guaranteed solution for permanently getting rid of weeds and critters, these are simple enough measures to make a big difference.

Dealing with critters

If there isn’t a huge gopher or mole problem, then excavating 3-4 inches may deter them from returning. But if this isn’t predicted to be enough, then there’s an option to install one or more layers of weed barrier. Typically, weed barrier is installed below the base layer and above the existing subgrade, as shown in this graphic. An additional layer can also be laid above the base layer for two layers of deterrence. If needed, installing gopher wire is also an option. The gopher wire is laid on the existing subgrade and weed barrier can be placed on top.

Dealing with weeds

Pre-existing stubborn weeds can be challenging to keep away. These preventative measures can help mitigate their invasion. installationgraphicLike dealing with gophers and moles, an additional layer or layers of weed barrier can be installed above and below the base rock if the weeds are particularly invasive. Applying a pre-emergent product before installing the turf can also help prevent weeds from protruding. Or, if you notice that weeds are already protruding through the turf, you can use a non-toxic weed killer to avoid damaging the artificial grass.While these aren’t guaranteed solutions for keeping away weeds and critters, we’ve found that they are incredibly helpful in doing so. When scheduling an estimating appointment with your local Purchase Green store, you can let the estimator know about any weed or critter problems, and they can assist you in deciding on the best solution for your yard.

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