Actually, the Power Broom is not all that strange. But it is pretty super, man.

After installing your artificial grass, Purchase Green recommends using a Power Broom. The Power Broom is really easy to use. If you can operate a vacuum, you can operate a Power Broom. The Power Broom features stiff plastic bristles that spin on a rotating drum. This spinning action helps each individual blade of grass stand up tall and straight. It also helps evenly distribute your infill so you new lawn will look and perform its best.

Once your grass is installed, the Power Broom will give grass blades optimal lift and really enhance the wow factor. The Power Broom is also a fantastic tool for helping to remove traffic wear patterns on your artificial grass lawn and restore it to a like-new appearance. If your grass has begun to take on a matted look, a few minutes spent with a Power Broom will restore your grass to its original splendor.

Prior to installation the Power Broom can be useful as well. Using a Power Broom on your unrolled grass before installation will make installation easier as the grass will be better stretched, making it easier to cut and shape, and the grass will receive infill more easily.

Power Brooms are typically used during the initial installation of your lawn and as called for by periodic maintenance. Most Purchase Green stores have Power Brooms available for both rental and for purchase. Power Brooms may also be rented at most power equipment rental shops.

DO NOT USE METAL RAKES OR BRUSHES as they break down the blades, making them weaker, frayed and prone to failure. In addition, the use of metal rakes or brushes for installation or grooming may void your Purchase Green Lifetime Warranty.

For manual brushing or brooming Purchase Green offers the Turf Broom. The Turf Broom is a synthetic bristle rake that is suitable for small artificial grass projects or when a Power Broom is unavailable.