Artificial Grass owners are experiencing all the benefits of the Purchase Green PerfectGroom, a (corded) electric power broom that assists owners with performing periodic maintenance on their artificial grass. Conveniently available in two models for every situation, the perfect Groom is a superb option for those seeking tomake easy work of periodic artificial lawn maintenance. PerfectGroom owners may be wondering how to get the most out of this spectacular investment. This article introduces our tips and tricks to get the most out of your PerfectGroom.  

Clean Up Leaf Litter and Much More 

The PerfectGroom is an exceptional tool for keeping your artificial grass looking pristine all year long. Over time your artificial grass may become littered with debris. This is especially true for customers who have overhanging trees or who experience a high amount of foot traffic on their artificial grass. Regular use of the PerfectGroom helps clean up all this debris, keeping your artificial grass looking fresh after events or during the fall as leaves tend to litter yards. 


Use Your PerfectGroom Regularly After Heavy Foot Traffic

Whether your grass experiences daily foot traffic or you expect to receive heavy foot traffic after an event or celebration, the PerfectGroom can be of assistance. Using the PerfectGroom in an area that experiences heavy foot traffic can improve the look and feel of the grass. That is because an added benefit of using the PerfectGroom is its ability to maintain grass pile upright, by combing over the areas that have been disrupted. Therefore, if you plan to host an event and experience a heavy amount of foot traffic, use the PerfectGroom to clean up the mess and have your grass blades groomed and looking perfect. 

Set the Comb Height to the Optimal Height 

Depending on the pile height of your artificial grass, you will want to make sure your PerfectGroom is set to the appropriate height. If the height is set too high the perfect groom will have trouble cleaning up debris and combing the grass blades appropriately. On the other hand, if the height of the PerfectGroom is set too low the PerfectGroom can have trouble navigating through the artificial grass, infill may be shifted, and the overall performance of the PerfectGroom may be inhibited. It is important to note that the only time you would want to set your PerfectGroom height low would be to prepare for an infill regeneration.  

Brush Against the Grass Pile Direction  

At Purchase Green, we offer an assortment of artificial grass products and some of our artificial grass products exhibit a directional or nondirectional grass pile direction. For the best result cleaning debris and properly combing your grass blades, make sure to go against the grass pile direction. By doing so, the PerfectGroom agitates the blade fibers causing them to retain their original appearance. Furthermore, grooming against the grass pile direction allows debris to be displaced and removed easier. 

Avoid Overloading the Catcher 

You might find yourself having to clean up a large mess from time to time. Maybe fall is in season, or your family hosted a birthday celebration. Regardless of the situation, as you steadily make your way through a project keep an eye on your catcher. The catcher stores all the debris that your PerfectGroom picks up. Failing to periodically check and empty your catcher can result in a decrease in performance.  

Regularly Clean Your PerfectGroom  

It is important to keep your PerfectGroom clean after every use. This helps maintain the overall function of the machine. To clean your PerfectGroom use a damp cloth to clean the surface. Never use a water hose or cleaning liquids on this device; doing so could harm the electrical components of the machine. To clean the catcher, begin by removing it from the machine. Once removed, wash the catcher with water and let it dry before placing it back on the machine.  

Store Your PerfectGroom Properly

After a long day’s hard work, it is time to take a break and store your PerfectGroom for future use. We always recommend storing your PerfectGroom in a clean, dry, and flat location. Proper storage will encourage the longevity and performance of your PerfectGroom. Many customers store their PerfectGroom in a secure work shed or a designated location in their garage. Before storing your PerfectGroom make sure your PerfectGroom is disconnected from the extension cord or from any electrical source. Additionally, give your PerfectGroom a quick cleaning and maintenance check before storage, so that your machine can be ready for optimal use the next time you need it.  

Final Tip: Be Safe 

The PerfectGroom is an extraordinary addition to any artificial grass owner’s home. But it is important that users prioritize their safety. Remember that the Perfect Groom has been specifically designed to be used on artificial grass. Do not use this product on other surfaces. Prior to operating your PerfectGroom make sure to familiarize yourself with all operating and safety procedures. Always use hearing and eye protection when operating your PerfectGroom.  

Furthermore, know your limits. Start with a simple job when you first begin using your PerfectGroom. As you become more experienced feel free to tackle more complex jobs. Remember to always stay alert when operating your PerfectGroom and keep your workplace clear of tools or other objects. In addition, avoid using the PerfectGroom on hilly surfaces. Under no circumstances should you use your PerfectGroom on slopes surpassing 15°. Under such conditions, you are more susceptible to slips and falls. Lastly, never use the PerfectGroom on wet grass, this could hinder the overall performance of the machine and put you at risk of injury. For more information regarding the safety and best use cases for your, PerfectGroom refer to your user manual. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, these helpful tips will help PerfectGroom owners get the most out of their artificial maintenance machine. Some readers may be interested in purchasing a PerfectGroom for the first time. We are glad to offer both PerfectGroom models online and in-store. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about PerfectGroom. Visit our online store or contact a store near you for more information.  

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