Traditional lawns require an extraordinary amount of care and attention. Maintenance routines can be long and arduous affairs that include fertilization, irrigation, aeration, herbicide use, pesticide use, and lawn mowing. Comparatively, maintaining an artificial grass lawn appears effortless. Yet consumers must realize that some maintenance on artificial grass is recommended. Luckily, we have a solution for homeowners looking to clean up messes on their artificial lawns. The PerfectGroom is that solution and provides some added benefits. This article introduces our latest product to our maintenance product line, the PerfectGroom.

What is the PerfectGroom?

The Purchase Green PerfectGroom is a (corded) electric power broom that assists contractors and homeowners with performing periodic synthetic turf maintenance on their artificial grass lawns. The PerfectGroom is an exceptional product for removing yard debris and revitalizing your artificial grass, especially after heavy use. This product is designed to clean moss, leaves, pine needles, and other debris from your lawn while combing and lifting the blades of your artificial grass. The PerfectGroom is an ideal choice for homeowners and contractors who are seeking a reliable machine that gets the job done right.

How Does this Artificial Grass Groomer Work?

The PerfectGroom utilizes a rotary comb to groom the artificial grass blades, while simultaneously picking up debris and depositing it into a catcher. Additionally, some consumers may note that PerfectGroom resembles a traditional lawn mower. The resemblance is similar but key differences are present. Specifically, the main difference is the specialized comber and the fully electric features of the PerfectGroom. Consequentially, there is no need to worry about engine oil, tune-ups, gasoline, excessive noise, or other common issues related to gas-powered engines. Homeowners and Contractors can save time and money by investing in a more sustainable product that is designed ecologically and ergonomically for synthetic turf maintenance.

Which PerfectGroom Model is Right for Me?

The Perfect Groom is available in two different models, the Perfect Groom 40L and the Perfect Groom 25L. The 25L model sports a 120V, 60Hz motor, 1,400W, 25L capacity bag, and a 12.5″ wide brush head. This model is recommended for artificial turf lawns ranging from 150-1100 sq. ft. Furthermore, the 40L model sports a 120V, 60Hz 1,600W motor, 40L capacity bag, and a 15.75″ wide brush head. This model is recommended for artificial turf lawns ranging from 150-1250 sq. ft.

All models include an adjustable height brush that allows users to choose the intensity of their brushing. This is a useful feature for tough messes and allows PerfectGroom to perform well on different Purchase Green artificial grass lawn products.

How to Buy a PerfectGroom?

Both PerfectGroom models are available online and in-store. Visit our online store or contact a store near you for more information.  

Final Thoughts

Overall, investing in Purchase Green PerfectGroom is an exceptional solution to maintaining a well-groomed and freshly cleaned artificial lawn. Make cleaning up messes a breeze with the PerfectGroom.

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