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As Water Prices Soar Homeowners Look to Drought Tolerant Grass

drought tolerant grass
In recent months, the continued drought in the state of California has become increasingly problematic for both businesses and residential homeowners. In fact, there is simply not enough water to meet the demands of farmers, landscapers and the average citizen. Responding to this crisis, state and local governments have proposed a number of solutions including rationing, increased consumption fees, the use of drought tolerant grass, as well as the outright prohibition of certain types of water use.


Posted on September 11, 2014

California Schools See a Rise of Artificial Turf Athletic Fields

artificial turf athletic fields
Even before the 2014 California Drought, many schools in California began switching over to artificial turf for their sports fields because of its overall convenience and long-term cost-effectiveness. But now that the drought has shone a spotlight on the massive amounts of water that the average natural grass football field consumes (millions of gallons during football season alone), artificial turf has become a great option to save both money and the environment. Apart from water conservation, here is a look at the ways in which an artificial grass football field is a winning choice.


Posted on September 6, 2014

Artificial Grass for Dogs is a Smart Choice

artificical grass for dogs
Increasingly, more property owners have come to appreciate artificial grass for dogs as an alternative to natural grass surfaces. It offers low cost, low maintenance and continuous beauty over conventional grass surfaces, dirt, cement or gravel. In addition to the practical and aesthetic benefits of using synthetic turf, you can be assured that your dog will love the surface just as much as you, because it looks and feels just like real grass, but will not irritate, nick, cut or stick in your dog’s paws. Synthetic turf frees dog owners of the hassles of protecting natural grass, such as when grass dies or turns yellow from urine.


Posted on September 1, 2014

The Real Cost of California’s Drought: How Drought Resistant Grass Can Save Your Wallet

drought resistant grass
If you live in California, or pretty much anywhere in the American Southwest, go on Google Earth and look at your neighborhood – what do you see? If your area is anything like the majority of Southern California, then you’ll probably see a lot of green grass, nice gardens, and backyard pools. Great, sounds like where you live is the ideal suburbia, filled with summer adventures, barbeques, and community t-ball leagues. But underneath all that harmony and quality of life lies a very pressing, yet oftentimes hidden, danger; a region prone to droughts.


Posted on August 23, 2014

The Season of Sneezin’: How to Stop Grass Allergies with Alternatives to Grass Lawns

alternatives to grass
For many people, allergies are a seasonal nightmare. And believe it or not, the innocuous-looking grass we see on lawns everywhere is a big part of the allergy problem.

While “hay fever” is used as a broad term to describe an allergic reaction to pollen in the air, grass allergies are the most common. What makes it more difficult is that grass is so ubiquitous; when grasses produce pollen, it becomes inescapable. Beyond the irritation that comes with inhaling grass pollen, which spreads in the spring and early summer, many people have experienced the discomfort of itchy skin after making contact with grass. And yes, even the itchy skin is related to grass allergies.


Posted on August 10, 2014

7 Simple Ways to Conserve Water During the Drought

Purchase Green artificial grass Earlier this year, Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency throughout the entire state of California as a result of the worst drought the state has seen in centuries.

In fact, some rural areas within California are already running out of drinking water. (more…)

Posted on August 3, 2014

Saving Water with Drought Resistant Artificial Grass

Advent of the Drought Resistant Lawn: Single California Households Can Actually Make An Impact

According to the July 22 update from the U.S. Drought Monitor, the California drought continues to worsen. An estimated 33 percent of the state is at a Level D4, or exceptional drought. This is the worst level of drought condition. Meanwhile, the rest of the state is either in a level of extreme drought (D3) or severe drought (D-2).


Posted on July 29, 2014

Natural Grass: The One Thing Keeping You From a Worry-Free Vacation

Purchase Green artificial grass The summer months have finally come. The weather is nice and the kids are out of school. It’s a perfect time of year to plan a vacation with the family. And with vacations – the longer, the better.

But before you can take that trip, you have to make sure that everything will be taken care of while you’re away. Will your pets come with you, or stay at home? Do you have someone to get your mail? And oh yeah, who is going to take care of your lawn and garden?


Posted on July 15, 2014

Backyard Fun Ideas for Artificial Turf: The Outdoor Theater

Here’s one idea that encompasses all of the above. Have you ever considered making a backyard theater? It might seem like a massive undertaking, but outdoor theaters are simple to create and a fun undertaking for the whole family, and even the whole neighborhood.

Outdoor theaters allow for a fun, fresh spin on the age-old activity of watching television. Rather than watch your favorite film indoors while sitting on the couch, outdoor theaters allow you to watch movies – projected onto a wall or screen – while lying on the backyard or reclining in a comfy lawn chair.


Posted on July 8, 2014
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