Not all artificial grasses are made equal. Some products are built for performance, while others are designed mainly for looks. These are important distinctions to make clear when shopping for pet turf, and to make your product research easier, we’ve listed Purchase Green’s current most popular artificial turf for dogs – as well as what makes them so special! Read the list below to learn more about our best pet turf, ranked by price.


best dog turfZoysia: Most Cost-Effective Pet Turf

When the project budget is limited, Zoysia is a great consideration for pet applications. Retailing at only $2.27 per square foot, Zoysia is a mid-height (1.5 inches) and mid-weight (48 ounces) grass that features a Mini-W blade shape. The durable structure of the Mini-W blade shape will help to lessen the appearance of traffic patterns – an important feature for pet turf – while also producing a softer finished texture.

Moreover, for your knowledge, shorter pile heights are typically best for dog turf. Purchase Green recommends pile heights that are 1.6 inches or less, in most cases. Taller pile heights tend to make cleanup more challenging and can often trap odors from pet waste.

Summary of Benefits
  • Cost-Effective
  • Mid-Grade Product That Performs

Vista Sport/Pet: Long-Time Customer Favorite Turf for Dogs

Vista Sport/Pet is a long-standing crowd favorite. The Vista family, in general, is Purchase Green’s most durable line of synthetic grasses, with each turf using a premium commercial grade V-shaped fiber. Vista Sport/Pet also features the user-preferred Cool Yarn additive – meaning this grass stays up to 10-20% cooler in full sun exposure compared to similar non-treated grasses. If you’re a pet parent with a yard that has minimal shade, keep an eye out for Cool Yarn grasses.

With regard to aesthetics, Vista Sport/Pet is made of a ‘spring’ green color combination, which is a variation of lighter and darker green tones with little to no yellow and is composed of an all-green thatch – giving this grass rich color.At only $2.47  per square foot retail, it’s hard to beat Vista Sport/Pet.

Summary of Benefits
  • Cost-Effective
  • Commercial Grade V-Shaped Fiber
  • Cool Yarn Additive
  • Rich Color

artificial turf for dogsPlayscape: High-Performance Dog Turf

The non-directional blades featured on our Playscape grass, called our Willow yarns, create an incredibly realistic appearance that also camouflages traffic patterns. The willow yarns are manufactured with special resin blends to produce blades that are both comfortable to the touch and durable. With anti-bacterial and anti-microbial additives in the yarn, Playscape is great for active families with pets!

Further contributing to Playscape’s retail cost, which is currently at $3.34 per square foot, is the proprietary Silverback and ArmorLoc 3L backing system. Products utilizing this backing system have greatly reduced their risk of wrinkles, expansion, and shrinking once installed, as well as any potential for “creep”. This system is also fully permeable and achieves an extremely high tear strength – excellent for highly active applications. To learn more about the Silverback and AmorLoc 3L system, read our blog.

Summary of Benefits
  • Non-Directional Blades for Realism
  • Camouflages Traffic Patterns
  • Anti-Bacterial and Antimicrobial
  • Silverback and ArmorLoc 3L Backing System

Pet Heaven: Premium Pet Turf

Sold at $4.31 per square foot, Pet Heaven was designed specifically for pets and is exceptionally durable against high-wear installations, such as pet kennels, dog runs, playgrounds, and various types of sports applications. Made with the superior ArmorLoc 3L and Silverback backing system, Pet Heaven has increased material pliability, reduced material fraying, and better creep resistance – making this product DIY-friendly and installer-preferred. Also note this product’s very short pile height, standing at only 0.875 inches.

Another unique feature of this grass is its roll width. Sold in 12-foot widths, Pet Heaven may also help to reduce your project’s material waste by better conforming to job site dimensions.

Summary of Benefits
  • Silverback and ArmorLoc 3L Backing System
  • Short and Dense Pile Height
  • Wear-Resistant
  • 12′ Roll Widths

The Best Artificial Turf for Dogs

When shopping for the best turf for dogs, first consider your performance needs. Is your dog, or dogs, regularly active in the backyard? Or are they lazy and sunbathe in the same corner? Is your yard shaded, partly shaded, or does it get full sun exposure? Narrow down your must-haves – such as “my dog is constantly playing outside so I must have a high-performing grass”, or “my backyard doesn’t have any shade but the dog likes to nap out there, so I need turf that stays cool in the heat.

Call, chat with us online, or visit any of our showrooms to speak with a product expert and get matched with the best turf for you!

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