How should we describe 2019 at Purchase Green? Well, putting aside poetics, we might just say it’s been big. Really big. Several substantial positive changes have come down the line this year, accompanied by hosts of smaller ones that, added together, mean we are not the same Purchase Green that we were a year ago. Yes, we’re still rockin’ the turf and doing it better with every passing day, but we’re excited about how these changes will transform both us and your experience of working with us.

Purchase Green, A Controlled Products Company

The biggest news first! Just last month, Purchase Green merged with Controlled Products, LLC, an artificial turf manufacturer based out of Dalton, Georgia. Controlled Products has been innovating turf tech and service for over 30 years, and a great deal of innovation in the turf industry is due to their efforts. Their capabilities range from product development to custom manufacturing techniques, to marketing and packaging, making them true leaders in turf solutions. And, they do it all right here in the U.S.

We’re incredibly excited and grateful for the opportunity to join forces with CP to offer even better products to more customers who can benefit from them. More big changes will be coming in 2020 as we expand and adjust into our role with CP. We’ll keep you up to date!

Tariff Upticks vs. Purchase Green Prices 

As you probably know, the highly controversial tariffs on imports from China as part of the “Trade War” went into effect back in 2018, resulting in hiked retail prices everywhere. Artificial turf was heavily affected, as much of it is imported from Chinese manufacturers. However, through strategic maneuvering, we’re happy to say we’ve drastically minimized the effects the tariffs have on our pricing. This means our prices are up to 10% lower than other suppliers!

Furthermore, because we do our own manufacturing, our quality is assured. A lower price for better quality product. That’s what we like to call value, and we’re so happy we can continue to offer the best value to our customers despite international trade shenanigans.

Meet the Office of Business Management

In April of this year, we opened a brand new location in Encinitas, California, and called it the Office of Business Management. Its main goal is to support the people who are making all the growth happen by improving internal processes and undertaking marketing initiatives. We also publish these blog posts and all our social media content through the OBM, as we call it. Yep, we’re the people making all the online stuff, including this blog post! Pleased to meet you!

So far, we’ve accomplished a lot and we think the OBM is going to have a lot more to do in 2020.  Right now, we’re just four people in a room, but that’s likely to change as we expand our team to support rapid company-wide growth.  It’ll be an adventure!

In Conclusion

Yes, 2019 has been a big year for Purchase Green and 2020 looks to be even bigger. Thank you to our customers who have inspired us and have offered helpful feedback that keeps us innovating and aspiring year to year. Thank you to our staff who work hard to offer the best value and find better ways of doing everything. To you, we wish a happy New Year, and we’ll see you in 2020!